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  • VJ025 Pinned! - starring Cody and Earl. NEW. A few weeks ago Earl begged Cody to give him a chance as Cody comprenensively defeated the big man. As Cody practices his karate, Earl launches a surprise attack, and it works. It's Earl's turn to dish it out, and Cody has to accept defeat for once! Lots of pins, grapevines, camels and Bostons. This video is 33 minutes long.
    VJ025 Pinned! - Download £19.99
  • V289 The Final Blow! starring Armand and Dillon. NEW. Dillon thinks he has a chance, but they both know that Armand's favourite hobby is squashing Dillon! The match starts out friendly enough, but Armand soon gains control. Dillon shows an unusual spurt of skill and gets a little time on top, but Armand forces him to admit he's lost. Then Armand delivers the final blow! This video is 29 minutes long.
    V289 The Final Blow! - Download £19.99
  • VJ024 Back Off Dude! starring Owen and Jett. NEW. While Jett was on tour with his rugby team, Owen was playing around with Jett's girlfriend. When Jett confronts the lady-killer, he gets laughed at! Red rag to a bull. At first it looks like Owen might add salt to the wound, and further humiliate Jett, but in the end payment is received in full. This video is 32 minutes long.
    VJ024 Back Off Dude! - Download £19.99
  • V288 One More Time, starring Kyle and Ferdi. NEW. Last time these guys worked together, Kyle got the better of Ferdi, and Ferdi is still hurting. Ferdi wants another chance, telling Kyle he wasn't well last time. Kyle goes to work on tough guy Ferdi again, only allowing Ferdi a limited amount of top time. This video is 30 minutes long.
    V288 One More Time - Download £19.99
  • UBV248 The Janitor, starring Harry and David. NEW. It's way past closing time at the gym, and David wants to clean up. Arrogant bodybuilder Harry, is enjoying posing in front of the mirrors, and he doesn't want to leave. When Harry gets physical, David goes to change into his shorts. Harry soon learns that it's prudent to leave at closing time! This video is 36 minutes long.
    UBV248 The Janitor - Download £19.99
  • VJ023 Girl Power! Starring Jessie and newcomer Janie. NEW. When Janie tells Jessie she wants to join the Untamed team, Jessie tells her it’s really only for boys. Janie insists on some training, and Jessie indulges her. It turns out that Janie knows how to use a sleeper, and she soon has Jessie all tied up! Jessie learns his lesson, and Janie comes on board. This video is 31 minutes long.
    VJ023 Girl Power! - Download £19.99
  • VJ022 Pick Yourself Up! starring Cody and Felix. NEW. At karate practice, Felix has nothing but criticism for Cody's moves. It doesn't take long for the practice to turn into an action packed, high energy match, with some awesome moves and throws. Fast paced and fun! This video is 30 minutes long.
    VJ022 Pick Yourself Up! - Download £19.99
  • V287 Learn From This! starring Louis and Conley. NEW. Conley is having trouble keeping up with Louis as he works out on the lawn. Being Conley, he wants to prove his superiority, and he challenges Louis to a match. This is an even match, with both boys getting some top time. But in the end, there can be only one winner! This video is 30 minutes long.
    V287 Learn From This! - Download £19.99
  • UBV247 He's Back! starring Corey and Ricky. NEW. Corey is back in town for a few days and he wants a match against Ricky. Ricky was quick to accept Corey's challenge even though Corey is much bigger than he is. Corey has a great time putting Ricky through the wringer and showing off his impressive muscles. Ricky gets a little payback, but Corey quickly regains control and continues the punishment! This video is 33 minutes long.
    UBV247 He's Back! - Download £19.99