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  • V220 What Are You Waiting For? NEW RELEASE. Zandré is making fun of Armand because of the beating he took from Jessie J. Armand admits that he could do with some practice, and challenges Zandré to a fight. Arrogant Zandré thinks this is going to be an easy victory, but Armand turns out to be more than a handful. This video is 50 minutes long.
    V220 What Are You Waiting For? - Download £18
  • UBV170 Double Bill 4 - Harry vs Toby plus Luke vs Spencer. NEW RELEASE. First Toby gets to pound on his all time favourite victim, Harry. He finishes Harry with a little gutpunching followed by a sleeper while Harry is tied up. Then we see new guy Luke arguing with Spencer over a video game. This video is 52 minutes long.
    UBV170 Double Bill 4 - Download £18
  • V219 Jordan’s Introduction, starring Billy and newcomer Jordan. NEW RELEASE. Billy has won one and lost one since joining the team. He thinks handsome Jordan will be a pushover, even with all those muscles. At first Billy owns our new guy, but after a while Jordan proves that his muscles aren’t just for show. This video is 43 minutes long.
    V219 Jordan's Introduction - Download £18
  • V112 You're Fired! - Conley has decided to fire Zandré from the tag team, but Zandré just uses this as the excuse he has always wanted to kick Conley's ass. This video has lots of gutpunching, tying up and some really punishing holds. This popular video, first released in November 2013, is 50 minutes long.
    V112 You're Fired! - Download £18
  • UBV040 Schoolboy & Bully Pins Special - Corey and Jack settle an argument in a match with lots of schoolboy and bully pins. The guys look great in their speedos. This popular video, first released in July 2013, is 50 minutes long.
    UBV040 SBP Special - Download £18
  • V094 I'm Gonna Win This Time! Louis gives his best friend Nico an easy time in this submission wrestling match, and Nico makes the most of it. Thispopular video, first released in May 2013, is 44 minutes long.
    V094 I'm Gonna Win This Time! - Download £18
  • V218 Handgag 7, starring Evan and JP. NEW RELEASE. In their last match, JP owned Evan, so Evan is hoping to even things up. JP isn't going to give Evan a break. Evan suffers in handgag after handgag, as JP amuses himself at the little guy's expense. Poor Evan hardly manages to get in any of his own moves as he receives a thorough squashing from JP. This video is 26 minutes long.
    V218 Handgag 7 - Download £15
  • UBV169 Let Me Show You, starring Harry and Mark. NEW RELEASE. Harry thinks he's being helpful, offering to show Mark how to do his exercises. After all, Harry's muscles are much bigger than Mark's. Mark is a sensitive soul, and he takes offence. Poor Harry gets knocked about, only managing to get in a few moves of his own. Mark ends up tying Harry to the door frame for a last few minutes of one-sided abuse. This video is 47 minutes long.
    UBV169 Let Me Show You - Download £18
  • V217 Come on Pretty Boy! Ferdi wants some action and is delighted to find pretty boy Ryan waiting for him. Ryan is always ready to accept a challenge, even if he knows he is going to get squashed. Ferdi's satisfaction is transparent as he puts Ryan in a series of merciless submission holds and gives his six pack a workout. This video is 50 minutes long.
    V217 Come on Pretty Boy! - Download £18