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  • VJ021 I'll Take You Both! starring Owen, Sean and Henry. NEW. Sean and Henry are having fun practicing some wrestling holds when Owen comes into the gym looking for trouble. Arrogant Owen is so pumped up he challenges the two wrestlers. Sean and Henry have both been defeated by Owen recently, so they happily accept. Who will win this epic battle? This video is 33 minutes long.
    VJ021 I'll Take You Both! - Download £19.99
  • UBV246 Keep It Coming! starring Toby, Enrique and Jason. NEW. Toby starts out by taunting and abusing poor Enrique. The ripped wrestler suffers as Toby demonstrates all his favourite moves. When Jason arrives, it looks like Toby might get some of his own medicine, but Toby just knocks Enrique out and focuses his attention on the bodybuilder. It's only when Enrique wakes up that he and Jason manage to take control. This video is 30 minutes long.
    UBV246 Keep It Coming! - Download £19.99
  • V286 You Wanted This! NEW. Jay is a really nice guy, and he’s not a bad wrestler either. But come on! Accepting a challenge from Ferdi?! Jay must want to get squashed! Ferdi loves to get his hands on baby face wrestlers like Jay, and he doesn’t hold back in this demolition job! Fast paced, high energy, non-stop action. This video is 30 minutes long.
    V286 You Wanted This! - Download £19.99
  • VJ020 Sleep On It, starring Max and Cody. NEW. Max started out on his Untamed career, in an awesome match with Owen, which he won with amazing action. Cody isn’t so easy, and Max finds himself squashed decisively, with a series of terrific knockouts. We hope Max will be back after this humiliating defeat! This video is 30 minutes long.
    VJ020 Sleep On It - Cody vs Max
  • UBV245 Split Infinitive, starring Ricky and Josh. NEW. In his first match against Ricky, Josh didn't do too well. He thinks he can get some revenge by using surprise tactics and a little rope! It goes well for Josh to begin with, but Ricky manages to escape his bonds, and Josh learns once again who is boss! This video is 31 minutes long.
    UBV245 Split Infinitive - Download £19.99
  • VJ019 Feel The Burn! starring Owen and Henry. NEW. A few weeks ago Owen lost a match to Henry and received some serious ab punishment. He demanded a chance to show Henry who's boss! These guys clearly love working together, and the video is fast paced and great fun. This video is 33 minutes long.
    VJ019 Feel The Burn! - Download £19.99
  • V285 Smell Defeat! starring Conley and Dillon. NEW. Dillon is at home with nothing to do. He calls the one guy who he might be able to defeat and asks him to come over for some wrestling. At first, things are pretty friendly, and Conley appears to be enjoying himself, even though he's losing. After a while, Dillon turns the screws on, and Conley gets squashed! This video is 30 minutes long.
    V285 Smell Defeat! - Download £19.99
  • VJ018 KO starring Jessie, Tyrone and Errol. NEW. Jessie just doesn't know when to stop dishing it out. After his amazing birthday bash, he takes on Errol and Tyrone in a KO demonstration. Not that Errol and Tyrone are awake for much of it. Jessie knocks 'em down, wakes 'em up and knocks 'em down again! He loves it! A treat for KO fans. This video is 33 minutes long.
    VJ018 KO - Download £19.99
  • UBV244 Breach of The Peace, starring Jason and Enrique. NEW. Enrique can't match Jason in the muscle department, but it looks like he might be able to show him something when it comes to abdominal punishment! It looks like Enrique has it in the bag until Jason escapes and takes Enrique through to the bedroom! Great fun! This video is 30 minutes long.
    UBV244 Breach of The Peace - Download £19.99