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  • UBV255 Bully Pin 3, starring Enrique and Oliver. NEW. In the original Bully Pin, Enrique got the best of Oliver. Now Oliver wants another go! Oliver knocks Enrique to the mat with a sucker punch, then sits on him in a tight bully pin. Enrique escapes and the match continues, with both boys getting some great pins on. Will Oliver get payback? Not if Enrique can help it. This video is 34 minutes long.
    UBV255 Bully Pin 3 - Download £19.99
  • VJ036 Ab Attack 16, starring Felix and newbie Marcus. NEW. Felix brought his friend Marcus along for a session. Marcus did not know that Felix suspects him of seeing his girlfriend, so Felix has an ulterior motive. Marcus is surprised at Felix’s ferocity, but he gives as good as he gets. Felix finally has to resort to dirty tactics to finish it his way. This video is 33 minutes long.
    VJ036 Ab Attack 16 - Download £19.99
  • VJ035 Submission 2, starring Owen and Cody. NEW. Cocky Cody happily accepts a challenge from arrogant Owen. Luckily Jessie is available to make sure things don’t get out of hand. At first it looks like Cody is going to romp home, but Owen’s ego Kicks in and he takes some top time. It’s great watching these two highly competitive wrestlers go at it! This video is 32 minutes long.
    VJ035 Submission 2 - Download £19.99
  • V292 Demolition 3, starring Ferdi and Aaron. NEW. Aaron is working on his abs when Ferdi calls by. Ferdi is desperate for some action and Aaron fits the bill very nicely. Aaron certainly gets an abs workout from Ferdi as he experiences another total squash from the king of bullies! Ferdi enjoys himself a lot. This video is 29 minutes long..
    V292 Demolition 3 - Download £19.99
  • VJ034 You Taught Me Too Well! starring Owen and Jessie. NEW. The team have been on Jessie's back since he lost to Janie, and he is sick of their taunts. When Owen starts giving him a hard time, Jessie explodes with fury. At first it looks like Jessie may have lost his mojo, as Owen goes to work on him, but Jessie eventually turns the tables and shows Owen who's boss. Owen must now face Janie himself. This video is 33 minutes long.
    VJ034 You Taught Me Too Well! - Download £19.99
  • UBV254 Instant Retaliation, starring Jason and Ricky. NEW. Arrogant Jason thinks he will make light work of Mr Muscle Ricky, and to start with he does. But Ricky turns on his dirty tactics, and soon takes charge! Jason gets to see what retaliation tastes like, and it’s bitter! This awesome video is 32 minutes long.
    UBV254 Instant Retaliation - Download £19.99
  • VJ033 Morning After part three, starring Max and Rocco. NEW. It looks like Henry has hired Rocco to dish out some payback to Max. Kickboxer against streetfighter! Who will prevail? For Henry’s sake we hope it’s Rocco, but Max is very confident. Fast paced action and boundless energy from these two talented contestants. This video is 32 minutes long.
    VJ033 Morning After part three - Download £19.99
  • UBV253 Demolition 2, starring Harry and David. NEW. A few weeks ago, Harry picked a scrap with David when he was trying to sweep the gym. It turned out very badly for Harry, but David enjoyed himself immensely. So much, in fact, that he goes looking for Harry so he can have some more fun. Cue bodybuilder demolition! This video is 30 minutes long.
    UBV253 Demolition 2 - Download £19.99
  • VJ032 Morning After part two, starring Henry and newbie Rocco. NEW. After the defeat he suffered at Max's hands, Henry hires a champion kick boxer to show him the ropes. Rocco certainly takes the job seriously, and Henry learns a few useful techniques. Perhaps Henry should pay Rocco to go up against Max on his behalf. This video is 30 minutes long.
    VJ032 Morning After part two - Download £19.99
  • V291 Big Easy, starring Conley and Jake. NEW. Conley is in awesome shape, and Jake begged us to let him have a go on the fans' favourite jobber! As Conley gets squashed, he insists that he will get payback. Conley manages to get a little top time, giving Jake some of his own medicine, but in the end the inevitable happens, and Jake shows Conley who's boss! This video is 28 minutes long.
    V291 Big Easy - Download £19.99
  • VJ031 Morning After, starring Max and Henry. The team was out partying last night, and Henry has a bit of a sore head. Max reminds him that he was bragging about being the best at Untamed, and apparently he challenged Max to a bout. Henry can't remember any of this, but he soon learns not to have quite so many beers when he's out with his friends! This video is 33 minutes long.
    VJ031 Morning After - Download £19.99
  • VJ030 Submission! starring Owen and Jett. NEW. Jessie has set up a submission wrestling ladder, and the first contestants are Owen and Jett, two of his best friends. It's a friendly, but competitive match, but the boys don't exactly stick to the traditional wrestling rulebook. Fast paced and exciting. These boys are closely matched and it's only at the last that the winner comes through. This video is 32 minutes long.
    VJ030 Submission! - Download £19.99
  • UBV252 Smackaround! starring Corey and Ricky. NEW. Last time these two met up Ricky came off worse. He wanted another opportunity against arrogant Corey. This time Corey doesn't let Ricky get a look in. Corey clearly loves the total demolition of Mr Muscle. We think Ricky quite enjoyed himself too! This video is 32 minutes long.
    UBV252 Smackaround! - Download £19.99
  • UBV251 Dispute! starring Mark and Ricky. NEW. Mark begged us for a match against Mr Muscle, Ricky. He was sure he'd beat the little muscle punk. At first it looks like Mark might be able to take the match, but Ricky knows better! Once he gets on top, Ricky delights in demolishing the handsome footballer. This video is 32 minutes long.
    UBV251 Dispute! - Download £19.99
  • VJ029 Stretched! starring Sean and Jett. NEW. Sean is less experienced than some other members of our team, and Jett certainly makes the most of this! Whilst Sean does manage to get a couple of nice holds on, Jett gets most of the top time in this session. Sean finds himself stretched out again and again as Jett shows us some of his favourite submission holds. This video is 32 minutes long.
    VJ029 Stretched! - Download £19.99
  • VJ028 KO2, starring Owen and Henry. NEW. Another treat for KO fans. Owen is at his arrogant best as he practices his KO techniques on hapless Henry. How many ways can he think of to put the guy to sleep? Lots of handgags feature here. Poor Henry gets totally owned, knocked down, woken up and knocked down again! This video is 33 minutes long.
    VJ028 KO2 - Download £19.99
  • UBV250 Out Muscled! starring Jason and Adam. NEW. It's like all Adam's Christmases have come at once! Here he is, minding his own business, chillaxing in the woods, when beefy bodybuilder Jason comes across him and wants some action! Adam can't believe his luck! Jason thinks he's got muscles, but he can't match up to muscle punk Adam! It's a total squash! This video is 43 minutes long.
    UBV250 Out Muscled! - Download £19.99
  • VJ027 You’re A Disappointment! Starring Cody and Todd. NEW. Todd has been filming Cody as he works out and Cody is not impressed. Todd looks like he can handle himself, but Cody is fearless and he sets out to teach the newbie a lesson. It’s a tough scrap, but Cody shows Todd who’s boss! This video is 31 minutes long.
    VJ027 You're A Disappointment! - Download £19.99
  • V290 Demolition! starring Jessie and Seb. NEW. Squash City! Seb thinks he's going to rule at Untamed, but he makes the mistake of challenging Jessie. Big mistake! Jessie has great fun dishing out a total squash, and Seb suffers beautifully in camels, Bostons, dragons, figure 4s, racks, and all Jessie's favourite submission holds. Jessie also dishes out some ball busting and GP. This awesome video is 27 minutes long.
    V290 Demolition! - Download £19.99
  • VJ026 Mad Max, starring Max and Tyrone. NEW. After his first match, with Owen, Max was on a high. But then he suffered at Cody's hands and now he wants to put things right. Who better to prove himself against than Tyrone? As Tyrone practices his karate, Max wanders in and challenges him. Will Tyrone's karate get the better of Max's ego? I don't think so! This video is 32 minutes long.
    VJ026 Mad Max - Download £19.99
  • UBV249 Heresy! starring Jack and Ricky. NEW. Ricky has had enough of losing to Jack, and he goes for payback with zeal! Jack is pulled back over the sofa as Ricky taunts him. Jack doesn't know what's hit him! In between flexing, Mr Muscle dishes out some merciless submission holds and gives Jack's abs a good seeing to. When Jack thinks it's over, Ricky ties him to a table and unleashes more of his power! Brilliant. This video is 35 minutes long.
    UBV249 Heresy! - Download £19.99
  • VJ025 Pinned! - starring Cody and Earl. NEW. A few weeks ago Earl begged Cody to give him a chance as Cody comprenensively defeated the big man. As Cody practices his karate, Earl launches a surprise attack, and it works. It's Earl's turn to dish it out, and Cody has to accept defeat for once! Lots of pins, grapevines, camels and Bostons. This video is 33 minutes long.
    VJ025 Pinned! - Download £19.99
  • V289 The Final Blow! starring Armand and Dillon. NEW. Dillon thinks he has a chance, but they both know that Armand's favourite hobby is squashing Dillon! The match starts out friendly enough, but Armand soon gains control. Dillon shows an unusual spurt of skill and gets a little time on top, but Armand forces him to admit he's lost. Then Armand delivers the final blow! This video is 29 minutes long.
    V289 The Final Blow! - Download £19.99
  • VJ024 Back Off Dude! starring Owen and Jett. NEW. While Jett was on tour with his rugby team, Owen was playing around with Jett's girlfriend. When Jett confronts the lady-killer, he gets laughed at! Red rag to a bull. At first it looks like Owen might add salt to the wound, and further humiliate Jett, but in the end payment is received in full. This video is 32 minutes long.
    VJ024 Back Off Dude! - Download £19.99
  • V288 One More Time, starring Kyle and Ferdi. NEW. Last time these guys worked together, Kyle got the better of Ferdi, and Ferdi is still hurting. Ferdi wants another chance, telling Kyle he wasn't well last time. Kyle goes to work on tough guy Ferdi again, only allowing Ferdi a limited amount of top time. This video is 30 minutes long.
    V288 One More Time - Download £19.99
  • UBV248 The Janitor, starring Harry and David. NEW. It's way past closing time at the gym, and David wants to clean up. Arrogant bodybuilder Harry, is enjoying posing in front of the mirrors, and he doesn't want to leave. When Harry gets physical, David goes to change into his shorts. Harry soon learns that it's prudent to leave at closing time! This video is 36 minutes long.
    UBV248 The Janitor - Download £19.99
  • VJ023 Girl Power! Starring Jessie and newcomer Janie. NEW. When Janie tells Jessie she wants to join the Untamed team, Jessie tells her it’s really only for boys. Janie insists on some training, and Jessie indulges her. It turns out that Janie knows how to use a sleeper, and she soon has Jessie all tied up! Jessie learns his lesson, and Janie comes on board. This video is 31 minutes long.
    VJ023 Girl Power! - Download £19.99
  • VJ022 Pick Yourself Up! starring Cody and Felix. NEW. At karate practice, Felix has nothing but criticism for Cody's moves. It doesn't take long for the practice to turn into an action packed, high energy match, with some awesome moves and throws. Fast paced and fun! This video is 30 minutes long.
    VJ022 Pick Yourself Up! - Download £19.99
  • V287 Learn From This! starring Louis and Conley. NEW. Conley is having trouble keeping up with Louis as he works out on the lawn. Being Conley, he wants to prove his superiority, and he challenges Louis to a match. This is an even match, with both boys getting some top time. But in the end, there can be only one winner! This video is 30 minutes long.
    V287 Learn From This! - Download £19.99
  • UBV247 He's Back! starring Corey and Ricky. NEW. Corey is back in town for a few days and he wants a match against Ricky. Ricky was quick to accept Corey's challenge even though Corey is much bigger than he is. Corey has a great time putting Ricky through the wringer and showing off his impressive muscles. Ricky gets a little payback, but Corey quickly regains control and continues the punishment! This video is 33 minutes long.
    UBV247 He's Back! - Download £19.99
  • VJ021 I'll Take You Both! starring Owen, Sean and Henry. NEW. Sean and Henry are having fun practicing some wrestling holds when Owen comes into the gym looking for trouble. Arrogant Owen is so pumped up he challenges the two wrestlers. Sean and Henry have both been defeated by Owen recently, so they happily accept. Who will win this epic battle? This video is 33 minutes long.
    VJ021 I'll Take You Both! - Download £19.99
  • UBV246 Keep It Coming! starring Toby, Enrique and Jason. NEW. Toby starts out by taunting and abusing poor Enrique. The ripped wrestler suffers as Toby demonstrates all his favourite moves. When Jason arrives, it looks like Toby might get some of his own medicine, but Toby just knocks Enrique out and focuses his attention on the bodybuilder. It's only when Enrique wakes up that he and Jason manage to take control. This video is 30 minutes long.
    UBV246 Keep It Coming! - Download £19.99
  • V286 You Wanted This! NEW. Jay is a really nice guy, and he’s not a bad wrestler either. But come on! Accepting a challenge from Ferdi?! Jay must want to get squashed! Ferdi loves to get his hands on baby face wrestlers like Jay, and he doesn’t hold back in this demolition job! Fast paced, high energy, non-stop action. This video is 30 minutes long.
    V286 You Wanted This! - Download £19.99
  • VJ020 Sleep On It, starring Max and Cody. NEW. Max started out on his Untamed career, in an awesome match with Owen, which he won with amazing action. Cody isn’t so easy, and Max finds himself squashed decisively, with a series of terrific knockouts. We hope Max will be back after this humiliating defeat! This video is 30 minutes long.
    VJ020 Sleep On It - Cody vs Max
  • UBV245 Split Infinitive, starring Ricky and Josh. NEW. In his first match against Ricky, Josh didn't do too well. He thinks he can get some revenge by using surprise tactics and a little rope! It goes well for Josh to begin with, but Ricky manages to escape his bonds, and Josh learns once again who is boss! This video is 31 minutes long.
    UBV245 Split Infinitive - Download £19.99
  • VJ019 Feel The Burn! starring Owen and Henry. NEW. A few weeks ago Owen lost a match to Henry and received some serious ab punishment. He demanded a chance to show Henry who's boss! These guys clearly love working together, and the video is fast paced and great fun. This video is 33 minutes long.
    VJ019 Feel The Burn! - Download £19.99
  • V285 Smell Defeat! starring Conley and Dillon. NEW. Dillon is at home with nothing to do. He calls the one guy who he might be able to defeat and asks him to come over for some wrestling. At first, things are pretty friendly, and Conley appears to be enjoying himself, even though he's losing. After a while, Dillon turns the screws on, and Conley gets squashed! This video is 30 minutes long.
    V285 Smell Defeat! - Download £19.99
  • VJ018 KO starring Jessie, Tyrone and Errol. NEW. Jessie just doesn't know when to stop dishing it out. After his amazing birthday bash, he takes on Errol and Tyrone in a KO demonstration. Not that Errol and Tyrone are awake for much of it. Jessie knocks 'em down, wakes 'em up and knocks 'em down again! He loves it! A treat for KO fans. This video is 33 minutes long.
    VJ018 KO - Download £19.99
  • UBV244 Breach of The Peace, starring Jason and Enrique. NEW. Enrique can't match Jason in the muscle department, but it looks like he might be able to show him something when it comes to abdominal punishment! It looks like Enrique has it in the bag until Jason escapes and takes Enrique through to the bedroom! Great fun! This video is 30 minutes long.
    UBV244 Breach of The Peace - Download £19.99
  • VJ017 I Want A Challenge! starring Owen and Sean. NEW. Sean has just popped into the gym to pick up something he forgot, but Owen is looking for some action. Sean wants to be left alone, but Owen always gets his way! Owen thinks this is going to be a squash, but Sean turns out to be more of a challenge than expected. This video is 33 minutes long.
    VJ017 I Want A Challenge! - Download £19.99
  • V284 Pain Today! starring Arno and newbie Craig. NEW. Arno is a big guy, but he is used to being on the receiving end of a squash job. When he saw us signing up newbie Craig, Arno wanted the first shot. This is a chance to see Arno playing the bullyboy against a much smaller opponent. Craig valiantly keeps up the insults as Arno owns him with a big grin! This video is 30 minutes long.
    V284 Pain Today! - Download £18
  • UBV243 Slow Burn, starring Jack and Ricky. NEW. Jack is once again looking for some action, and when Ricky refuses to get him a drink he pounces! When Jack has one of these vibes going, the other guys don't have a hope in hell of taking him down. Ricky gets the treatment and he takes it like a man! Squash job cubed! This video is 30 minutes long.
    UBV243 Slow Burn - Download £18
  • VJ016 Lockdown, starring Jett and Felix. NEW. It all starts out friendly enough! Jett gets a little energetic and Felix comes back hard. Felix really goes to town on Jett, stretching him out big time. It seems to go all Felix's way, but Jett turns out to be a trouper, and in the end, it's anyone's match. This video is 32 minutes long.
    VJ016 Lockdown - Download £18
  • VJ015 Give Me A Chance! Starring Cody and newbie Earl. Big Earl, our latest newbie, makes the mistake of underestimating his opponent, Cody. Earl gets in a couple of shots, and Cody makes him pay the price. When Earl does get a chance, he shows us his beefy muscle, but Cody soon gets back on top and proves that he's the man! This video is 32 minutes long.
    VJ015 Give Me A Chance! - Download £18
  • UBV242 The Devil's Chair, starring Ricky and Enrique. NEW. Ricky is pushing Enrique around but soon finds himself tied to a chair for some abuse. After 15 minutes, Enrique unties his victim and is surprised to find that Ricky is still full of vim. Enrique quickly finds himself tied to the chair for the second half of the video, while Ricky has some fun. This video is 32 minutes long.
    UBV242 The Devil's Chair - Download £18
  • VJ014 You’re Going Down! Starring Owen and newbie Henry. NEW. Henry has seen Owen in the gym, working on his abs with a new routine. Owen knows he’s going to get challenged, and he accepts eagerly. This is a very even match, and these guys obviously love working together, but there can be only one winner. Who has the strongest abs? I do! This video is 36 minutes long.
    VJ014 You're Going Down! - Download £19.99
  • V283 Expect The Unexpected, starring Jay and newbies Greg, Jim and Ian. NEW. Jay invites Greg for a 1 on 1, but when Greg gets to the house he finds 3 guys waiting for him. All of them bigger than him. Greg puts up a bit of opposition to start with but he soon finds himself overwhelmed. After half an hour of triple teaming, the final outcome is a bit of a surprise! This video is 29 minutes long.
    V283 Expect The Unexpected - Download £18
  • VJ013 Ab Attack 15: Jessie's Birthday Bash, starring Jessie J, Tyrone and Errol. NEW. Jessie is once again looking for a little fun. He invites Tyrone and Errol to his birthday bash at the gym. Tyrone and Errol accept eagerly - how naive! Jessie adds a little something to their drinks before they arrive, and waits for the time to strike! This video is 31 minutes long.
    VJ013 Ab Attack 15: Jessie's Birthday Bash - Download £18
  • VJ012 Feel This, Rookie! starring Felix and newbie Sean. NEW. Sean wants to join the team, and Felix offers him his first session. Sean is eager and energetic, but his skills are limited. Felix goes to town on him! Sean gets to experience the dragon, camel, Boston and rack. Felix also gives Sean’s abs a good workout. It's not entirely Felix's match, and Sean gets a few opportunities to practice his moves. This video is 31 minutes long.
    VJ012 Feel This, Rookie! - Download £18
  • V282 Handgag 11, starring Armand and Evan. NEW. Evan begged us to let him have another go at Armand, and Armand was happy to accept a challenge from the little guy. Evan starts out well, combining handgags with a variety of wrestling holds, in creative combos. Armand gives Evan an easy time to start with, but he soon finds his spark, and Evan begins to regret asking for this match. This video is 26 minutes long.
    V282 Handgag 11 - Download £18
  • UBV241 Just Josh, starring Ricky and newbie Josh. NEW. Ricky's friend Josh has been helping out at sessions for a while, and he was keen to get involved. Ricky offered him a chance to show us what he's got! At first, Ricky gave Josh an easy time, but Mr Muscle soon lost his patience, and Josh got to see what Ricky can do! This video is 31 minutes long.
    UBV241 Just Josh - Download £18