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  • UBV202 Bully Pin! NEW RELEASE. Enrique is relaxing when Oliver sneaks into the room and pins him. After some struggling, Enrique escapes and it's Oliver's turn to be pinned. The action moves back and forth, and both boys wear skinny jeans for the entire video. Bully pins, schoolboy pins, grapevines and camels feature. This video is 37 minutes long.
    UBV202 Bully Pin! - Download £18
  • V255 The Man To Beat! NEW RELEASE. Someone told Kyle that if he wants to be Top Dog at Untamed he will have to go up against Jessie J at some point. Kyle believes there's no time like the present, and he challenges our favourite heel to a match. Kyle is a badass, and he gets pretty close, but not close enough. Before he left, Kyle insisted on another match, and who are we to refuse? This video is 30 minutes long.
    V255 The Man To Beat! - Download £18
  • V254 Ab Attack 13 starring Armand and Evan. NEW RELEASE. These two scallywags love working together because they know they don’t have to hold back! Armand is as arrogant as ever, and at first it looks like he might squash little Evan. But as we all know, Evan has stamina, as Armand learns to his misfortune! This video is 27 minutes long.
    V254 Ab Attack 13 - Download £18
  • UBV201 Handgag 10, starring Jack and Toby. NEW RELEASE. Jack is determined to show he's boss after his recent humiliating defeat by newbie Oliver. He chooses Toby as his victim and he goes for it big time! Poor Toby barely gets a look in as Jack treats him like his toy, applying handgag after handgag until Toby finally passes out. This video is 57 minutes long.
    UBV201 Handgag 10 - Download £19.99
  • V253 Come At Me! starring Jake and Ted. NEW RELEASE. Jake lends his car to Ted and, true to form, Ted wrecks it. Jake takes Ted from behind and vents his emotions on the poor newcomer. Ted manages to turn the tables on Jake, then they agree to wrestle. Loser pays to fix the car. This video is 41 minutes long.
    V253 Come At Me! - Download £18
  • UBV200 Vagabonds, starring Mark and Toby. NEW RELEASE. Mark and Toby have moved into a swanky new apartment. It doesn't take long for them to start arguing! For Toby and Mark, an argument is a good reason to get physical! This awesome video is 48 minutes long.
    UBV200 Vagabonds - Download £18
  • UBV199 Into The Woods, starring Jason and Adam. NEW RELEASE. It was a lovely warm day and Jason and Adam went into the woods. The musclepunk and the bodybuilder love working together. Punches fly and the guys use a variety of wrestling holds in this fast paced, energetic session. This video is 33 minutes long.
    UBV199 Into The Woods - Download £18
  • V252 That's How It Goes! starring Peter and Conley. NEW RELEASE. Conley is aching for some action, and when he comes across Peter he can't believe his luck. Conley forces Peter to accept his challenge and they get into wrestling kit. If you like total squash jobs, this is for you. Peter suffers noisily as Conley puts him in all his favourite, and most painful, submission holds. Conley enjoys dishing out some dirty low blows too! This video is 46 minutes long.
    V252 That's How It Goes! Download £18
  • UBV198 Where's The Big Man?! When Jack saw newcomer Oliver he insisted on a match. We thought it might be too early in Oliver's untamed career to let Jack at him, but Oliver was cool with it. At first it looks like Jack is going to dish out his usual squash job, but Oliver turns out to be more than a match for our favourite heel. Jack gets to learn what it's like to be on the receiving end, and he suffers beautifully! This video is 32 minutes long.
    UBV198 Where's The Big Man?! - Download £18
  • V251 Don't Break It! starring Evan and Leroy. NEW RELEASE. Leroy is getting frustrated because every time he gets called in for a session he ends up getting squashed! In an effort to bring this long run of bad luck to an end, he challenges the smallest guy on the team, little Evan. Plucky Evan takes on all comers. Both guys show off their great technical skills in this 27 minute video.
    V251 Don't Break It! - Download £15
  • UBV197 Gutbash 17 - Adamant! NEW RELEASE. Adam takes on Mark and Enrique in this awesome GP video! First Adam owns Mark, then Enrique arrives and he and Mark double team Adam. Our muscle punk Adam gets back on top, removes Mark, and gets payback on Enrique. GP heaven! This video is 53 minutes long.
    UBV197 Gutbash 17 - Download £18
  • V250 I'm Not Done! starring Daniel and Louis. NEW RELEASE. Daniel has been doing some serious working out, and he's buffer than he has ever been. Louis tells him muscles don't make him a good fighter! After an exciting arm wrestling competition Daniel challenges Louis to a match. He has never been able to beat Louis before, but maybe this time! Louis never passes on a chance to smack down a gym bunny! This video is 46 minutes long.
    V250 I'm Not Done! - Download £18
  • V249 Show Me What You Got! NEW RELEASE. Billy is telling Ferdi about his record since joining the team, but Ferdi keeps ribbing him about his loss to little Evan. Billy reckons he can beat Ferdi, and he puts him in a super full nelson and takes him to the mat. Both guys know how to wrestle, and both are very competitive. Awesome, fast paced action with lots of holds. This video is 50 minutes long.
    V249 Show Me What You Got! - Download £18
  • UBV196 Wipeout! NEW RELEASE. Luke is trying to sleep, but Toby is playing loud music. When Luke gets physical, Toby is only too happy to play! Luke and Toby work well together, throwing each other all round the apartment. It's a hot day, so they even hang each other out of the window! This video is 50 minutes long.
    UBV196 Wipeout! - Download £18
  • V248 Bring It! starring JP and JB. NEW RELEASE. Cocky JB thinks he will have an easy time against skinny JP. JP loves to take down the big boys, and the match starts with JP controlling the action with ease. JB gets a little top time, but JP soon reverses the situation, and punishes JB mercilessly. JB doesn't know what to do, but he seems to enjoy himxelf. This video is 47 minutes long.
    V248 Bring It! - Download £18
  • V247 The Money Lender Part 2. NEW RELEASE. Last time Kyle and Armand met up Kyle agreed to lend some money to Armand after crushing him and setting a high interest rate. Now he wants his money back, but Armand doesn't have it. Kyle tricks Armand into challenging him, then the fun starts. Kyle is hoping that Armand won't have his money next time either, so he can have more fun! This video is 47 minutes long.
    V247 The Money Lender Part 2 - Download £18
  • UBV195 The Right Price, starring Enrique and newcomer Oliver. NEW RELEASE. Oliver wants some new wheels, but Enrique won't lower his price. Oliver demonstrates some impressive streetfighting skills, and it looks like Enrique might have to give his wheels away for free. Oliver is a pretty merciless and mischievous opponent and is great fun to watch at work! This video is 47 minutes long.
    UBV195 The Right Price - Download £18
  • UBV194 Far From Done! starring Harry, Toby and Jack. NEW RELEASE. In the first half of this video Harry and Toby wrestle, first in street clothes then in kit. The action is fast and energetic, and Toby ends up on the receiving end for much of the match. Harry is so pleased and pumped up he challenges Jack. Jack loves squashing arrogant, goodlooking gym bunnies, and Harry is no exception! This video is 50 minutes long.
    UBV194 Far From Done! - Download £18
  • V246 Low Blow! NEW RELEASE. Will Conley ever learn? Here he is prancing around in his speedos boasting about his muscles while Jessie J is on the prowl, looking for a jobber to squash! The outcome is inevitable. Jessie J tosses Conley round like a rag doll, paying particular attention to poor Conley's nuts! This video is 30 minutes long.
    V246 Low Blow! - Download £18
  • UBV193 Gutbash 16, starring Jason and Enrique. NEW RELEASE. Jason is giving us a little body building tutorial when Enrique arrives. Enrique wants to test the strength of Jason's abdominals. Enrique has great fun dishing out the punishment and Jason suffers wonderfully for us. Go for it Enrique! This video is 31 minutes long.
    UBV193 Gutbash 16 - Download £18
  • V245 What's The Problem? NEW RELEASE. Ethan thinks it will be easy to beat new guy Martin, even though Martin is bigger and stronger. Ethan sucker punches Martin and proceeds to own him for the first part of the video, but Martin finally begins to fight back, and the action becomes much more equal, with the final outcome in the balance until the very end. This video is 33 minutes long.
    V245 What's The Problem? - Download £15
  • V244 No Friend Would Do That! NEW RELEASE. Handsome Dillon has been busy getting to know Andy’s girlfriend. When Andy confronts him, Dillon suggests a wrestling match to sort things out. Dillon is pretty certain he will win, but Andy has something to prove. This video is 48 minutes long.
    V244 No Friend Would Do That! - Download £18
  • UBV192 Collarless 4 - Toby vs Luke. NEW RELEASE. Toby and Luke have just returned to the flat they share after an all night party. An argument leads to Toby throwing a glass of water over Luke's new shirt, and Luke drags Toby into the fight room. This is a fast paced, hot and sweaty session. The guys throw each other around and make full use of their shirts, as long as they remain intact. This video is 49 minutes long.
    UBV192 Collarless 4 - Download £18
  • UBV191 Jack's Car, starring Jack, Enrique and Spencer. NEW RELEASE. Jack is having car trouble and Enrique thinks the car is such a heap he's wasting his time trying to repair it. Jack doesn't like anyone criticizing his car! While Jack and Enrique go at it, Spencer comes by. Spencer tries to help Enrique, but it's not long before jack has the two of them tied and ready for some six pack punishment. This video is 49 minutes long.
    UBV191 Jack's Car - Download £18
  • V243 You're Next! NEW RELEASE. Bodybuilder Aaron wants to fight arrogant Kyle, and Kyle is only too pleased to take the beefcake on! We have to feel sorry for Aaron, as cheeky Kyle knocks him around the room mercilessly. Aaron manages to get some top time, but Kyle doesn't let him control the match for very long, and when he gets back on top, Kyle really dishes it out. When he's finished with the bodybuilder, Kyle's looking for someone else to work on! This video is 46 minutes long.
    V243 You're Next! - Download £18
  • V242 Dirty Leroy. NEW RELEASE. There's only one way Leroy can get his own back on JP. He plays dirty by putting something into a bottle of beer, then he comes on all friendly with the guy he wants to beat. JP drinks the beer, then it's time for him to get owned! This video is 26 minutes long.
    V242 Dirty Leroy - Download £15
  • UBV190 You're Skinny! starring Jason and Enrique. NEW RELEASE. Enrique has been working out hard, but he can't come close to matching Jason's incredibly ripped physique. Arrogant Jason pushes Enrique around and tells him he's a skinny punk! Enrique might be skinny when compared to jason, but he's no pussy! Fast paced action from two of our most popular guys. This video is 47 minutes long.
    UBV190 You're Skinny! - Download £18
  • UBV189 Gutbash 15, starring Luke and Adam. NEW RELEASE. Musclepunk Adam launches a surprise attack on Luke, but Luke quickly gets on top, and he makes Adam pay! Adam gets his abs, nipples and balls mercilessly abused by Luke. Adam gets tied to the wall, dragged around the floor and finally tied to the ceiling as Luke enjoys himself. This video is 31 minutes long.
    UBV189 Gutbash 15 - Download £18
  • V241 Get on Your Knees! NEW RELEASE. Conley is in peak physical condition and he can't believe it when lanky new guy Jake picks a fight with him. Conley starts out by totally owning Jake, but Jake takes over and dishes out some payback before Conley gets back on top. A fast paced session with lots of great action. This video is 45 minutes long.
    V241 Get on Your Knees! - Download £18
  • UBV188 After Effect, starring Toby and Enrique. NEW RELEASE. After Toby took a beating from new guy Enrique in Undertow, he insisted on a rematch. This is about as close to a traditional wrestling match that it gets when Toby is involved. He likes to use whatever is lying around to help him in his pursuit of victory! This video is 30 minutes long.
    UBV188 After Effect - Download £15
  • UBV187 Revenge is Mine! NEW RELEASE. A few weeks ago Jack was given the beating of his life by Luke and Toby. Now it's time for Luke to learn that Jack does not walk away from trouble. Jack wants payback and Luke is first to suffer! Jack starts out knocking poor Luke around the room before tying him to a chair and then to the wall. Luke gets in the odd move, but jack controls the action pretty much the whole session. This video is 50 minutes long.
    UBV187 Revenge is Mine! - Download £18
  • V240 Ab Attack 12, starring JP and Evan. NEW RELEASE. JP is boasting about his recent match with Ferdi, but Evan says he only beat Ferdi because he had his hands tied. JP tells Evan he will show him what he can do with Evan's hands entirely free. Evan thinks he will win, but JP proves him very, very wrong. Poor Evan! This video is 27 minutes long.
    V240 Ab Attack 12 - Download £15
  • UBV186 The Bodyguard, starring Toby, Nathan and Adam. NEW RELEASE. Toby is having fun bullying little Nathan, when Nathan's friend and bodyguard Adam arrives. Bodybuilder Adam has been beaten by Toby on a number of occasions, but with Nathan on his team he knows they can give the badboy a good going over. Toby fights back heroically, but he ends up tied to the ceiling and humiliated. This video is 49 minutes long.
    UBV186 The Bodyguard - Download £18
  • V239 Who’s The Boss? Starring Jessie J and Ferdi. NEW RELEASE. In a recent tag match Jessie J failed to intervene when Ferdi was being double teamed by their opponents. Ferdi wants to teach Jessie J a lesson, but Jessie J is The Boss! Right? The action goes back and forth, and the loser ends up tied to a chair for some humiliating abuse. This video is 57 minutes long.
    V239 Who's The Boss? - Download £18
  • UBV185 Duke Luke. NEW RELEASE. Luke and Spencer fight over a video game. Spencer has the muscles but Luke has the know how. Fast paced action on a hot, sweaty day. This video is 23 minutes long.
    UBV185 Duke Luke - Download £12
  • V238 What’s Up Dude? NEW. Dillon is back but he might regret it after this first session with Aaron. It starts out friendly enough, but Aaron gets pushy and Dillon gets angry. From then on, Dillon gets knocked around and thrown about. Aaron just won’t stop to let poor Dillon draw breath. This video is 26 minutes long.
    V238 What's Up Dude? - Download £15
  • UBV184 The Shape of Things, starring Jason and Bobby. NEW RELEASE. Bobby tells Jason he's fat, which is rich coming from Bobby. Bobby has been neglecting his workout regime. The guys throw each other around the room for a while before stripping down to speedos and breaking out the rope. This video is 50 minutes long.
    UBV184 The Shape of Things - Download £18
  • V237 Don't Diss Me! NEW RELEASE. Conley has been badmouthing Leroy and Leroy thinks it's time for another Conley squash! After tying Conley up and abusing him, Conley manages to turn things round, and it's Leroy who gets crushed! Lots of fast paced action in this fun video. This video is 44 minutes long.
    V237 Don't Diss Me! - Download £18
  • V236 Reversal, starring Evan and new guy Ethan. NEW RELEASE. Ethan didn’t want to fight but Evan insisted. It all starts out clean, but when Evan starts to lose he turns the fairplay into foulplay. Ethan takes quite a beating from the little guy, and it looks like he’s finished. It's kind of nice watching him suffer, but will the newcomer manage to get back on top? This video is 47 minutes long.
    V236 Reversal - Download £18
  • UBV183 Handgag 9 - Luke vs Toby. NEW RELEASE. Two of our most popular guys get down and dirty in this hot, sweaty, quick paced handgag special. They throw each other around the room with abandon, and find lots of creative and athletic ways to apply their favourite hold. This video is 51 minutes long.
    UBV183 Handgag 9 - Download £18
  • UBV182 Undertow, starring Toby and Enrique. NEW RELEASE. Toby was aching to get his hands on the new guy, and he had a great time testing the strength of his six pack. Enrique was barely able to get a move in as Toby knocked him around the room and tied him up. The action is fast paced and the ending is a bit of a surprise. Toby has insisted on a rematch! This video is 33 minutes long.
    UBV182 Undertow - Download £15
  • V154 Let’s Wrestle! Nico and Daniel are playing video games, but Nico turns out to be a sore loser without a sense of humour, and he challenges Daniel to a wrestling match. Nico has taken a couple of beatings from Daniel in the past, and he wants payback. Nico takes control using some dirty tactics, including lots of handgags, which feature heavily. This popular video, first released in January 2015, is 46 minutes long.
    V154 Let's Wrestle - Download £18
  • UBV126 Lucky Day, starring Corey and Jack. Corey has been practicing hard, and he thinks he can take Jack down without any help from one of his many admirers, or the use of any dirty tactics. Jack is his usual cocky self, but he quickly realizes that Corey is not a pushover. This is a very fast paced video, with magnificent action and award winning acting from both guys. This video, first released in June 2015, is 21 minutes long.
    UBV126 Lucky Day - Download £12
  • V109 Homework, starring Jessie J and Conley. Jessie J just wants to do his homework, but Conley insists on fighting. When Jessie J finishes teaching him a lesson, Conley calls José to come and help, but Jessie J just won't lie down! The second part of the video suffers from wind noise. This popular video, first released in October 2013, is 52 minutes long.
    V109 Homework - Download £15
  • UBV181 Bound Back. NEW RELEASE. A few weeks ago Benjamin tied up Mark and abused him mercilessly. This time it's Benjamin who gets surprised and tied up by Mark. Poor Benjamin gets hogtied, gagged, tied to the door frame and then to a chair. Mark has great fun tasting sweet revenge. This video is 31 minutes long.
    UBV181 Bound Back - Download £15
  • V235 Poor Excuse for a Brother. NEW RELEASE. Kyle doesn't want Dian seeing his sister, and he bravely confronts the big guy while he's working out. Dian shows no mercy. Kyle makes some optimistic threats as he gets knocked around and abused by Dian. When he briefly gets on top, Kyle fails to drive his advantage home, and this confrontation ends up fairly predictably. At least Kyle's sister will be happy! This video is 47 minutes long.
    V235 Poor Excuse for a Brother - Download £18
  • UBV180 Wrestle Me! NEW RELEASE. Luke hasn't been having much luck recently, but he thinks he should be able to beat our most recent newcomer Enrique. Even though Enrique is as fit as a fiddle, he doesn't have much experience on the mat. It turrns out that, not only does Enrique know his stuff, he particularly enjoys humiliating Luke. This video is great fun, and is 47 minutes long.
    UBV180 Wrestle Me! - Download £18
  • V234 Let's Work on Your Technique. NEW RELEASE. New guy Peter wants to show Billy how to work out. Billy starts out friendly, then he goes for Peter in an uncompromising beat down. Peter gets a little payback, but it doesn't last long. We're looking forward to seeing more of Peter! This video is 43 minutes long.
    V234 Let's Work on Your Technique - Download £18
  • V122 I'm Sorry - Louis and Nico have a score to settle, and it looks like Nico is on form for this session. Poor Louis is forced to submit in a series of punishing submission holds, and in the end he has to swallow his pride and apologise. This popular video, first released in January 2014, is 51 minutes long.
    V122 I'm Sorry - Download £18
  • UBV062 Gutbash 6 The Appeal - Corey recruits Bobby to help him take revenge on Mark, who beat him up and humiliated him in Gutbash 5 Dispute Resolution. But they reckon without Toby, who has just gone to get some lemonade. Footballer Mark and break dancer Toby are fit, but will they prevail against cage fighter Corey and his sidekick? This popular video, first released in January 2013, is 50 minutes long.
    UBV062 Gutbash 6 - The Appeal - Download £18
  • V158 Homework 2, starring Jessie J and Zandré. Will Zandré ever learn not to mess with Jessie J? Or maybe he just likes getting owned! In this awesome video, Zandré destroys the book Jessie J is reading for his homework, insisting that Jessie J fights him. Another opportunity for Jessie to go into squash mode. This popular video, first released in February 2015, is 56 minutes long.
    V158 Homework 2 - Download £18