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  • V227 Man Up! NEW RELEASE. New guy Jake asks bully boy Billy to show him some holds. Billy clearly enjoys going over the top and making poor Jake suffer. Eventually, Jake turns on Billy and shows us what a quick learner he is. This video is 43 minutes ong.
    V227 Man Up! - Download £18
  • UBV054 Gutbash 5 - Dispute Resolution. There’s a problem in the workplace when handsome newcomer Mark criticises Corey the cage fighter's painting. But don’t worry, the boys soon find a way to resolve the problem. This popular video, first released in October 2013, is 52 minutes long.
    UBV054 Gutbash 5 - Download £18
  • V156 Handgag 4 - Top Dog. Armand has been doing well at Untamed, and he thinks he's the Top Dog. Jessie J is eager to show him who's the real master! This video includes lots of Jessie J's favourite submission holds and lots of handgags which leave Armand gasping for air. It's the usual high energy session we expect from these two awesome wrestlers. This popular video, first released in January 2015, is 44 minutes long.
    V156 Handgag 4 - Download £18
  • V226 Small but Quick, starring Evan and Ryan. NEW RELEASE. Not only does poor Ryan have to suffer a humiliating beating from little Evan, he also has to submit to Evan’s constant trash talk throughout the match. Even when Evan gives Ryan a chance, he fails to take advantage. This is a demolition job by the little guy. This video is 46 minutes long.
    V226 Small but Quick - Download £18
  • UBV174 Bad Cop! NEW RELEASE. Daniel finds new guy Nathan preparing a line, so he calls local cop Spencer. Spencer decides to teach Nathan a lesson, but Nathan is as wily as a fox and he soon turns Spencer's own gun on him. Now Spencer gets to learn a lesson from little Nathan. Lots of tying up and gutpunching in this awesome story video. This video is 48 minutes long.
    UBV174 Bad Cop! - Download £18
  • V142 Don't Fight Back! Daniel took quite a beating from Ferdi in his first session at Untamed, and he hasn't forgotten the humiliation of that defeat. He persuades his friend Joe that it's about time Ferdi got some payback, and the two of them attack Ferdi while he's working out. Ferdi's abs take quite a lot of punishment, but it's not all one way. This popular video, first released in September 2014, is 49 minutes long.
    V142 Don't Fight Back! - Download £18
  • V225 Handgag 8 - Face Off. NEW RELEASE. Conley thinks he can beat JC, but JC knows Conley rarely wins his matches. Unfortunately for JC, Conley is on form, and he proceeds to totally dominate JC, using handgags to weaken his opponent before finally tying him up and finishing him off. This video is 32 minutes long.
    V225 Handgag 8 - Download £15
  • V224 Ab Attack 11 - Big Mouth! starring Louis and Ferdi. NEW RELEASE. Ferdi is boasting about his amazing six pack again. He tells Louis to feel it, and Louis does, but a bit harder than Ferdi intended! These two Giants of Untamed then have a lot of fun testing each other to see who has the strongest abdominal muscles. A treat for lovers of real GP. This video is 29 minutes long.
    V224 Ab Attack 11 - Big Mouth! - Download £15
  • UBV173 So It Goes On, starring Adam, Jason and Harry. NEW RELEASE. The action starts with Jason wrestling Adam, but Harry shows up and goes to work on both of them. Adam and Jason can't take Harry down on their own, but when they join up Harry is in for a thorough beating. He gets double teamed, then tied to a bed frame, and finally tied on a table top. This video is 49 minutes long.
    UBV173 So It Goes On - Download £18
  • V223 Final Warning, starring Jessie J and Zandré. NEW RELEASE. Jessie J turns up for a match with Daniel but Zandré is waiting for him instead. Zandré has lost to Jessie J so many times you'd think he'd run a mile, but some guys never learn. Jessie sets to work on Zandré in his jeans, then helps him to strip down to shorts. Jessie J doesn't hold back, and Zandré takes his beating like a man. This video is 46 minutes long.
    V223 Final Warning - Download £18
  • UBV172 Nowhere to Hide. NEW RELEASE. Toby persuades Luke to take Jack on alone. It only takes Jack 10 minutes to defeat Luke. Toby wades in and Jack almost takes him down in the same time. But Jack then finds himself up against the two of them. For more than 25 minutes Jack is double teamed by two guys who desperately want to see him suffer! It will be interesting to see what happens next. This awesome video is 57 minutes long.
    UBV172 Nowhere to Hide - Download £18
  • V139 You're Sorry Now! starring Daniel and Nico. Nico accuses Daniel of sleeping with his girlfriend, but Daniel refuses to apologise, and will not be intimidated by his arrogant aggressor. This video mixes wrestling holds with street fighting and both boys get tied up and manhandled. Will Nico's experience and dirty fighting skills overcome Daniel's amazing muscle power? This popular video was first released in August 2014, and is 46 minutes long.
    V139 You're Sorry Now! - Download £18
  • UBV107 Corey Takes a Chance, starring Corey and Jack. Corey has been beaten up and humiliated by Jack so often that he decides to get some payback with the help of a little dirty work. He creeps up on Jack and knocks him out. Jack is tied to a chair and abused until it's safe for Corey to release him to continue the punishment. First released in February 2015, this popular video is 34 minutes long.
    UBV107 Corey Takes a Chance - Download £15
  • UBV110 The Consequence, starring Jack and Corey. A couple of weeks ago Corey broke into Jack's house, knocked him out, tied him to a chair, and dished out a beating. He took a big risk! Jack has now fully recovered and it's his turn to visit Corey's house. The difference is that Jack does not need to tie his victims up. Squash the gym bunny Jack! This popular video, first released in March 2015, is 27 minutes long.
    UBV110 The Consequence - Download £15
  • V222 Submit! NEW RELEASE. Feisty little Evan wants a go at tough guy Ferdi. As you might expect with Ferdi involved, this submission wrestling match does not limit itself by the rule book. The points are pretty even and we don't know who will win until the very end. This video is 46 minutes long.
    V222 Submit! - Download £18
  • UBV171 Bound to Lose, starring Mark and Benjamin. NEW RELEASE. Mark doesn't like to lose, and Benjamin has his work cut out in this match. However, Benjamin finds some rope, and his victory is guaranteed. Footballer Mark finds himself tied to a chair, then the table, and finally Benjamin hogties Mark for a great finish. This video is 32 minutes long.
    UBV171 Bound to Lose - Download £15
  • V221 This is Nice! Armand vs Ryan. NEW RELEASE. Armand thinks he's going to have an easy time squashing Ryan. Ryan has other ideas. He has worked out that a little dirty work goes a long way. But will Ryan be able to keep up his heel act for long? One thing's for sure - Armand is going to be pretty merciless if he gets control of this match. This video is 48 minutes long.
    V221 This is Nice! - Download £18
  • UBV048 Gutbash 3. Corey and Daniel are training in the park when Carl arrives and innocently asks for the time. Corey gets his cellphone out and Carl goes for him. Daniel runs away as fast as his skinny legs will take him. Corey and Carl then fight each other using lots of gutpunching, along with some punishing submission holds. This popular video was first released in September 2013, and is 50 minutes long.
    UBV048 Gutbash 3 - Download £18
  • V116 This is for Sam! - When Ferdi heard that Nico had given Sam a vicious beating, he decided to get revenge on Sam's behalf. Nico makes the mistake of underestimating young Ferdi, and he receives the lesson he deserves. This popular video was originally released in December 2013, and is 48 minutes long.
    V116 This is for Sam! - Download £18
  • UBV050 David vs Dominic - David breaks into Dominic’s apartment, fights with him, knocks him out, ties him up, drinks his wine, uses his cellphone to take some selfies, and falls down drunk. Just an average day for David really! This popular video was first released in September 2013, and is 46 minutes long.
    UBV050 David vs Dominic - Download £18
  • V220 What Are You Waiting For? NEW RELEASE. Zandré is making fun of Armand because of the beating he took from Jessie J. Armand admits that he could do with some practice, and challenges Zandré to a fight. Arrogant Zandré thinks this is going to be an easy victory, but Armand turns out to be more than a handful. This video is 50 minutes long.
    V220 What Are You Waiting For? - Download £18
  • UBV170 Double Bill 4 - Harry vs Toby plus Luke vs Spencer. NEW RELEASE. First Toby gets to pound on his all time favourite victim, Harry. He finishes Harry with a little gutpunching followed by a sleeper while Harry is tied up. Then we see new guy Luke arguing with Spencer over a video game. This video is 52 minutes long.
    UBV170 Double Bill 4 - Download £18
  • V219 Jordan’s Introduction, starring Billy and newcomer Jordan. NEW RELEASE. Billy has won one and lost one since joining the team. He thinks handsome Jordan will be a pushover, even with all those muscles. At first Billy owns our new guy, but after a while Jordan proves that his muscles aren’t just for show. This video is 43 minutes long.
    V219 Jordan's Introduction - Download £18
  • V112 You're Fired! - Conley has decided to fire Zandré from the tag team, but Zandré just uses this as the excuse he has always wanted to kick Conley's ass. This video has lots of gutpunching, tying up and some really punishing holds. This popular video, first released in November 2013, is 50 minutes long.
    V112 You're Fired! - Download £18
  • UBV040 Schoolboy & Bully Pins Special - Corey and Jack settle an argument in a match with lots of schoolboy and bully pins. The guys look great in their speedos. This popular video, first released in July 2013, is 50 minutes long.
    UBV040 SBP Special - Download £18
  • V094 I'm Gonna Win This Time! Louis gives his best friend Nico an easy time in this submission wrestling match, and Nico makes the most of it. Thispopular video, first released in May 2013, is 44 minutes long.
    V094 I'm Gonna Win This Time! - Download £18
  • V218 Handgag 7, starring Evan and JP. NEW RELEASE. In their last match, JP owned Evan, so Evan is hoping to even things up. JP isn't going to give Evan a break. Evan suffers in handgag after handgag, as JP amuses himself at the little guy's expense. Poor Evan hardly manages to get in any of his own moves as he receives a thorough squashing from JP. This video is 26 minutes long.
    V218 Handgag 7 - Download £15
  • UBV169 Let Me Show You, starring Harry and Mark. NEW RELEASE. Harry thinks he's being helpful, offering to show Mark how to do his exercises. After all, Harry's muscles are much bigger than Mark's. Mark is a sensitive soul, and he takes offence. Poor Harry gets knocked about, only managing to get in a few moves of his own. Mark ends up tying Harry to the door frame for a last few minutes of one-sided abuse. This video is 47 minutes long.
    UBV169 Let Me Show You - Download £18
  • V217 Come on Pretty Boy! Ferdi wants some action and is delighted to find pretty boy Ryan waiting for him. Ryan is always ready to accept a challenge, even if he knows he is going to get squashed. Ferdi's satisfaction is transparent as he puts Ryan in a series of merciless submission holds and gives his six pack a workout. This video is 50 minutes long.
    V217 Come on Pretty Boy! - Download £18
  • UBV049 Hotel Havoc, starring Toby and Bobby. Bobby is playing loud music as he works out in his hotel room. Toby is staying across the hall, and he asks Bobby to turn it down. This video includes pretty much everything: punishing submission holds, gutpunching, ball busting, tying up, and lots more. First released in September 2013, thispopular video is 43 minutes long.
    UBV049 Hotel Havoc - Download £18
  • V092 Ab Attack 3, starring Conley and Jesse. Conley got owned by Jesse in their last match, and he wants another go. He's been training, but is that enough to give him an advantage over the little streetfighter? This popular video was first released in May 2013, and is 42 minutes long.
    V092 Ab Attack 3 - Download £18
  • V216 Don't Challenge Me! starring Billy and newcomer Andy. NEW RELEASE. Andy starts by throwing Billy to the mat where he forces him to accept his challenge. Billy didn't do too well in his debut against Evan, so he's eager to win this match. Andy is a feisty wrestler, but Billy has more experience. This fast paced video is 46 minutes long.
    V216 Don't Challenge Me! - Download £18
  • UBV168 Teamwork! starring Adam, Toby and Jack. NEW RELEASE. Toby is in mischievous mood again, blowing smoke into the face of musclepunk Adam as he poses in front of the mirror. Adam reacts explosively, and Toby doesn't know what's hit him. Jack enters the fray and takes a real beating from Adam, until Toby wakes up and puts the odds in their favour. This video is 47 minutes long.
    UBV168 Teamwork! - Download £18
  • V215 It's Your Face! NEW RELEASE. Conley drops into the fight room to see if he left his cellphone there. Jessie J is handing around looking for someone to squash. Conley doesn't want to fight, but he has no choice. Jessie J is at his brutal best as he squashes Conley in his jeans before dressing him up in his speedos for a very satisfying smackdown. This video is 47 minutes long.
    V215 It's Your Face! - Download £18
  • UBV032 The Remote, starring Toby and Jack. After a fight over who should control the remote, Toby and Jack tear into each other. Half this video is in jeans and half in shorts. First released in April 2013, this popular video is 44 minutes long.
    UBV032 The Remote - Download £18
  • V090 It's Another Knockout! Jesse has another report to write for college, and he needs a volunteer to help him test a few techniques. Zandré isn't really interested, but that doesn't worry Jesse. He just gets on with it anyway. This popular video, first released in April 2013, is 51 minutes long.
    V090 It's Another Knockout! - Download £18
  • UBV167 Triple Bill 2. NEW RELEASE. For the first 20 minutes we can see how newcomer Luke performs against Spencer. Next, Jack goes up against muscle boy Noah. Finally we enjoy the sight of Corey destroying muscle punk Adam. This video is 58 minutes long.
    UBV167 Triple Bill 2 - Download £18
  • UBV166 You Lookin' At Me? NEW RELEASE. Arrogant Jason gives Benjamin a hard time. Jack arrives but he suffers at the hands of the muscle boy too. Eventually Jack manages to take control and Benjamin joins him to teach Jason a lesson. This video is 48 minutes long.
    UBV166 You Lookin' At Me? - Download £18
  • V214 Collarless 3, starring Armand and Ryan. NEW RELEASE. Armand is ccomplaining about the heat, and Ryan thinks he's being helpful by throwing some water over him. Armand is not amused! The eager wrestlers wear tight jeans and their favourite shirts as they roll around the mat pulling at each others' collars. This video is 53 minutes long.
    V214 Collarless 3 - Download £18
  • UBV056 Ninja!, starring Bobby, Corey, David and Liam. Ninja Bobby wants to steal the soldier boys' toys. Corey, David and Liam won't let them go without a fight! Liam doesn't last long, but Corey and David take Bobby's ninja suit off to see if his powers are reduced. This popular video, first released in October 2013, is 50 minutes long.
    UBV056 Ninja! - Download £18
  • V084 Ab Attack 2 - Louis invites Jesse to a training session, but when Jesse starts boasting about beating Conley, who Louis recently lost a match to, things quickly get out of hand. This video, first released in January 2013, is 50 minutes long.
    V084 Ab Attack 2 - Download £18
  • UBV043 Gutbash 2 - Sweet Revenge! Corey asks Liam to help him get his revenge on Ady, who beat him up and stole his cellphone a few weeks ago. They find Ady jogging in a nearby forest and the punishment starts. First released in July 2013, this video is 45 minutes long.
    UBV043 Gutbash 2 - Sweet Revenge - Download £18
  • V087 Second Chance. Zandré has come closer than anyone at Untamed to beating Louis in a real submission wrestling match. He begged us for another chance to fight Louis, and this video is the result. A great treat for fans of real, highly competitive submission wrestling. This video, first released in March 2013, is an hour long.
    V087 Second Chance - Download £18
  • V213 Fun and Games! NEW RELEASE. Leroy executes a surprise attack on our popular heel, Ferdi. He knocks Ferdi out and ties his hands. Leroy relishes this unusual opportunity to get some payback, but Ferdi escapes! Now it's Ferdi who wants payback, and he wants it with interest. This video is 50 minutes long.
    V213 Fun and Games! - Download £18
  • UBV165 Double Bill 3: Harry vs Toby plus Adam vs lex. NEW RELEASE. Toby makes fun of Harry as he stands posing in front of the mirror, then the guys knock each other around the room, shirtless in skin tight jeans. We enjoy lots of close ups in this high energy match. Then Lex gets his revenge on Adam. Adam is working out in football shorts when Lex appears in leather jeans and gets to business. This video is 56 minutes long.
    UBV165 Double Bill 3 - Download £18
  • UBV031 David vs Bobby. The guys start in skinny jeans and strip down to speedos and shorts half way through this awesome basement battle. First released in March 2013, this video is 47 minutes long.
    UBV031 David vs bobby - Download £18
  • V212 This is Only the Start! NEW RELEASE. JC is pretty sure he can beat Armand in this submission wrestling match. Armand takes control from the start. JC manages a couple of pins, but when Armand starts using his powerful legs, the submissions just keep on coming from JC. This video is 48 minutes long.
    V212 This is Only the Start! - Download £18
  • UBV164 All Show, No Go! NEW RELEASE. New guy Ian is watching Benjamin and Spencer wrestle. When Benjamin has beaten Spencer, he decides to bring Ian onto the mat. Ian seems to have some big guns, but when Spencer wakes up he joins in with Benjamin against the big guy. At the end it's just Benjamin and Ian again. This video is 46 minutes long.
    UBV164 All Show, No Go! - Download £18
  • UBV022 David vs Corey - David breaks in to Corey's hotel room and finds him asleep in his Speedos. Corey wakes up and a fight ensues. First released in December 2012, this popular video is 43 minutes long.
    UBV022 Corey vs David - Download £18
  • V083 Handgag 3, starring Conley and Jesse. Conley is proud of his muscles, boasting to Jesse. Skinny Jesse challenges him to a match, keen to show him that his muscles won’t beat Jesse’s superior skills. First released in January 2013, this popular video is 45 minutes long.
    V083 Handgag 3 - Download £18
  • UBV016 Gutbash! - Toby invites David to his house, gives him some sleepy juice, and goes to work on his six pack. As usual, Toby doesn’t pull his punches as he dishes it out. First released in October 2012, this popular video is 37 minutes long.
    UBV016 Gutbash! - Download £18