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  • V134 Knock Him Out Again! Re-release. Brandon thinks he's booked the mats which Ferdi and Jessie are using. He starts throwing his weight around and knocks Jessie out. Bad move Brandon! Jessie and Ferdi knock him out and then use him to practice knock out techniques again, and again, and again. We almost get to feel sorry for poor Brandon. This video is 55 minutes long.
    V134 Knock Him Out Again! - Download £18
  • V195 My Face!, starring Ryan and JP. NEW RELEASE. When JP first arrived he was beaten by Ryan in his first fight. He wants another try against the big guy, and he uses some early knock out punches to weaken his bigger opponent. Once Ryan is on the back foot, JP uses some nicely applied wrestling holds and grinds poor Ryan into the mat with his feet. This video is 27 minutes long.
    V195 My Face! - Download £12
  • V176 Jackass, starring Ryan and newcomer JP. Re-release. Little JP is all excited about joining Untamed, and he chooses to pick a fight with Ryan. At first Ryan doesn't want to go because he's hurt his arm, but JP insists. Jp starts out well, but he's a little guy, and his energy isn't enough to let him get the better of Ryan. Maybe next time.... This video is 27 minutes long.
    V176 Jackass! - Download £12
  • UBV144 Box Clever, starring Jack and Jason. NEW RELEASE. We all expected Jack to dominate bodybuilder Jason in this clash of the Titans, but even when he uses dirty tactics Jason somehow manages to get back into the fight. In addition to many Bostons, camels, dragons and scissors, fists and feet fly in this awesome, high energy encounter. This video is 49 minutes long.
    UBV144 Box Clever - Download £18
  • V194 Just Look at You! NEW RELEASE. Evan is new to Untamed, so Leroy thinks he might be able to beat him. Leroy comments on little Evan's physique and pushes him around, but Evan turns out to be more than a match for bully boy Leroy. This video is 52 minutes long.
    V194 Just Look at You! - Download £18
  • V153 Crushed! Re-release. Jessie J is delighted when Conley agrees to wrestle him. All his Christmases have come at once! The boys both wear wrestling trunks and poor Conley suffers beautifully in a series of painful submission holds. Jessie then finds some a pair of cuffs, and Conley knows he is in for some serious punishment! This top seller from 2014 is 55 minutes long.
    V153 Crushed! - Download £18
  • V193 Handgag 6, starring Louis and Ferdi. NEW RELEASE. Ferdi knows Louis has been winning most of his matches recently, so he doesn't really want to go up against him. Louis insists however, so Ferdi decides to use a series of handgags, hoping to knock Louis out quickly. Louis manages to take control after a while, and Ferdi has to work hard to get back on top. This video is 30 minutes long.
    V193 Handgag 6 - Download £19.99
  • UBV143 AWOL, starring Bobby and Mark. NEW RELEASE. Mark is in the mood for a little fun, and the idea of tormenting Bobby appeals greatly. He surprises Bobby as he goes to visit some friends, then he carries him to an empty flat. When Bobby wakes up he finds himself tied to a chair. This video is 47 minutes long.
    UBV143 AWOL - Download £18
  • V192 Can't You Take a Joke? NEW RELEASE. JC has uploaded to a well known video site a clip of Armand when he was drunk at a party. When Armand asks him to take it down, JC refuses because it's gone viral. Armand tries to "persuade" JC to do what he wants, but it looks like he might have just made matters worse! This video is 54 minutes long.
    V192 Can't You Take a Joke? - Download £18
  • UBV142 The Lesson. NEW RELEASE. Harry has been told that Toby is seeing his girlfriend. He finds Toby and tells him he needs to learn a lesson. The action starts off in street clothes and, at first, it looks like Harry is going to be the one who has something to learn. The guys change into wrestling kit for some fast paced fun, with both guys taking some great shots to their six packs! This video is 24 minutes long.
    UBV142 The Lesson - Download £12
  • V191 Born to Lose! starring Jessie J, Conley and Leroy. NEW RELEASE. Conley thinks he is going to win his match with Jessie J, but has brought Leroy along as insurance. Jessie J warns Leroy that if he gets involved there will be consequences! Jessie then starts to dish out a beating to the now bearded Conley, and when Leroy tries to intervene he gets what's due to him. Go for it Jessie J! We couldn't get Jessie to stop, so this video is 62 minutes long.
    V191 Born to Lose! - Download £18
  • UBV141 The Nerd. NEW RELEASE. Daniel wants to read his paper, but Jason is looking for trouble. After making fun of Daniel and his clothing, Jason proceeds to humiliate him, showing off his muscles as he plays with Daniel. Daniel gets in a few good shots, but he’s no match for Jason. When Jason goes to get a drink, Daniel finds a belt….. Look out Jason! This video is 48 minutes long.
    UBV141 The Nerd - Download £18
  • UBV140 Rough & Ready, starring Toby and Adam. NEW RELEASE. Toby enjoys nothing more than an opportunity to work over one of the musclhunks, and they don’t come bigger than Adam. Shirtless in jeans, the guys work up quite a sweat in this terrific brawl. Lots of ab abuse, dragons, camels and bostons. This video is 32 minutes long.
    UBV140 Rough & Ready - Download £12
  • UBV139 One-Two, starring Corey, Garry and Jack. NEW RELEASE. Corey pays Garry to help him get his revenge on Jack. They break into Jack's apartment and wait for him. It doesn't take long for Jack to floor both of his opponents, then he works on them one at a time. At least Jack makes sure that Corey gets his money back! This video is 48 minutes long.
    UBV139 One-Two - Download £18
  • V190 Work Those Abs! NEW RELEASE. We all know how proud Ferdi is when it comes to his six pack, but Adrian thinks his is more impressive. The guys decide to have an ab boxing competition and Ferdi starts out well after a cheap shot. The action moves outside and then into the house and both guys give and take some great shots. Whose six pack will prevail? This video is 41 minutes long.
    V190 Work Those Abs! - Download £18
  • V135 Sharks & Bulls. Re-release. Louis picks a fight with Jano after an argument about their favourite rugby teams. Louis loves playing the bully, but he doesn't get it all his own way. Jano is a skillful wrestler and he's got some serious muscle! The boys use a variety of punishing submission holds and some creative dirty moves. This video is 53 minutes long.
    V135 Sharks & Bulls - Download £18
  • UBV087 Good, Clean Fun, starring Toby and Bobby. Re-release. Whenever Toby and Bobby get together they just have to strip down to their Speedos and wrestle! It always ends up with one of them exhausted on the sofa. This energetic video includes lots of sleepers, figure 4s, full nelsons, scissors and dragons. Bobby and Toby love working together, and it shows. This video is 47 minutes long.
    UBV087 Good Clean Fun - Download £18
  • V189 More Than Ever! NEW RELEASE. Armend challenges JP to a submission wrestling match. Although JP is a lightweight compared to Armand, he outclasses his bigger opponent throughout the match. Armand only manages to get one submission and, at the end, he is forced to admit that JP has beaten him. This video is 49 minutes long.
    V189 More Than Ever! - Download £18
  • UBV138 Splash! NEW RELEASE. Spencer tries to steal Jason's mountain bike. Jason catches up with him and knocks him off, then the guys have a scrap in their cycling gear. Lots of high energy action which ends up in the river. This video is 53 minutes long.
    UBV138 Splash! - Download £18
  • V188 Newbies. NEW RELEASE. Evan and Axel want to join the Untamed team and they get down for some practice. In the first match Evan, the smaller wrestler, controls the action from start to finish. Axel goes away to work on his moves, and when he comes back for a rematch, he does much better. This video is 50 minutes long.
    V188 Newbies - Download £18
  • UBV137 Owned! NEW RELEASE. Toby and Adam exchange their usual roles in this video. Adam, who is used to being on the receiving end of abuse by the other guys, starts using his impressive muscles. Toby, typically the guy who dishes it out, gets owned by his opponent. Good stuff! This video is 32 minutes long.
    UBV137 Owned! - Download £12
  • V187 Don't Play with My Toys! NEW RELEASE. Armand is getting his own back on bullyboy Daniel, but Ferdi is nearby and he comes to Daniel's rescue. Armand then gets double teamed by the bullyboys, who work on his abs and make him suffer in a variety of creative wrestling holds. This video is 31 minutes long.
    V187 Don't Play with My Toys! - Download £12
  • UBV136 The Right Moves. NEW RELEASE. Corey takes on bodybuilder Jason in this high energy match. Lots of cowboy saloon style punchup action, some high kicks from Jason, and some nice dragons feature in this short video, which is 17 minutes long.
    UBV136 The Right Moves - Download £5.99
  • V186 Fill the Tank! NEW RELEASE. Ryan borrowed JC's car to take his girlfriend on a date, but he didn't refill the tank. JC challenges Ryan to a submission wrestling match to see who is going to pay. JC gets to demonstrate some impressive wrestling skills and Ryan appears to accept the inevitable outcome of the match. This video is 48 minutes long.
    V186 Fill the Tank! - Download £18
  • UBV135 Good to Go, starring Jack and Adam. NEW RELEASE. Jack is looking for a match and Adam is ready and waiting. Jack is in his leather jeans with a studded belt and Adam wears a light blue trunks. Jack takes control at the start, but Adam comes back with some great holds, showing Jack it doesn't always go his way. Will Jack take it back? This video is 47 minutes long.
    UBV135 Good to Go - Download £18
  • V185 Enough! NEW RELEASE. Jessie J wants to wrestle! Arno says "no man, why me?" When Arno loses the armwrestling there is no going back. Another terrific squash job from Jessie. Arno suffers noisily as Jessie puts him through an encyclopedia of wrestling holds. This video is 51 minutes long.
    V185 Enough! - Download £18
  • UBV134 Kissed by a Rose. NEW RELEASE. Harry manages to beat Bobby in his first match, but Mark is waiting outside for his turn, and Harry has his work cut out against Mark. When it looks like Harry is going to get two wins in one afternoon, Bobby returns for some 2 on 1 action. This video is 53 minutes long.
    UBV134 Kissed by a Rose - Download £18
  • V184 Quit! starring Ettienne and Brandon. NEW RELEASE. Ettienne can't understand why Brandon loses so many of his matches when he's got such big muscles. Brandon doesn't like Ettienne's attitude so he decides to show him what he can do. Ettienne takes a while to get control, but once he does... This video is 54 minutes long.
    V184 Quit! - Download £18
  • V168 Take That! Re-release. Daniel has been looking forward to kicking Armand's ass, but it isn't going to be that easy. These two guys both like to win, and although Daniel is bigger and older, Armand is an experienced wrestler. The guys share fairly equal top time and we don't know until the very end who is going to win. This video is 29 minutes long.
    V168 Take That! - Download £12
  • V167 Please Leave Me! Re-release. Ferdi, JC and JC's girlfriend all work in the same bar, but when JC finds out that Ferdi and his girlfriend have been up to no good in the backroom, things get spicy. Poor JC confronts Ferdi, and then gets to regret his action as Ferdi plays with him in his usual, uncompromising way. The guys start out in long pants, then change into shorts. This video is 56 minutes long.
    V167 Please Leave Me! - Download £18
  • UBV122 Feel My Muscle! Re-release. Jason and Harry are comparing their abs and biceps and Jason challenges Harry to an arm wrestling match. When Harry loses, he starts throwing punches, but Jason bullypins him and insists they wrestle. It looks like Jason is going to win, so Harry gets dirty. This high energy video is 50 minutes long and has everything our fans adore!
    UBV122 Feel My Muscle! - Download £18
  • V183 Louis' Workout, starring Louis, Ryan, Armand and JC. NEW RELEASE. Louis has been picking off the new guys, and JC is next on his list. JC doesn't want to wrestle, but that doesn't worry Louis. JC can't understand why Louis is picking on him, but Louis doesn't need a reason. Louis gets started on what looks like it will be a very satisfying squash job. But as Louis gets into his stride, Ryan and Armand arrive. These guys are Louis' recent victims. Will the 3 rookies proove too much of a challenge for Louis, or will they just make for a better workout? This video is 30 minutes long.
    V183 Louis' Workout - Download £12
  • UBV133 What's Your Beef? Part 2. NEW RELEASE. Last time Corey met up with Adam he got owned. This time he's determined to beat musclepunk Adam. The match is fairly even until the end, when the loser gets sleepered. This video is 19 minutes long.
    UBV133 What's Your Beef? Pt 2 - Download £5.99
  • V177 Had Enough? Re-release. Armand picks a fight with Louis, and Louis shows off his superior wrestling skills by totally squashing Armand. Louis applies one painful submission hold after another. Armand decides to fight dirty. He throws a punch, then ties Louis' hands behind his back. It's Louis' turn to take a beating, but when the rope comes off it's curtains for Armand. This video is 29 minutes long.
    V177 Had Enough? - Download £12
  • V182 She's My Girl! NEW RELEASE. Ryan has his eye on the girl at the pizza place. It turns out Louis is planning to ask her out as well. Louis knows that Ryan is very popular with the ladies, so he decides they need to wrestle for the honor of asking the girl out. Ryan rather rashly accepts Louis' challenge, and Louis goes into squash mode. This video is 28 minutes long.
    V182 She's My Girl! - Download £12
  • UBV132 What Game? NEW RELEASE. Toby wants another opportunity to wrestle Jason. Jason is at the physical peak of perfection, and he is more than happy to accept Toby's challenge. Toby works hard on Jason's six pack, but Jason appears to be indestructible at Toby's hands. This video is 28 minutes long.
    UBV132 What Game? - Download £12
  • V181 Tap for the Chicken! NEW RELEASE. Zandré wants to wrestle but Ferdi is too engrossed in his video game. Zandré insists, and he starts out well. Ferdi is not used to losing, but Zandré shows him who's boss...... for 15 minutes or so..... then Ferdi rises to the occasion! This video is 51 minutes long.
    V181 Tap for the Chicken! - Download £18
  • UBV078 Come On! Re-release. Toby is having a nap after a long hard day Dominic and Villy think they might be able to get the better of our favourite badboy. Think again guys! Toby is on the receiving end for the first part of the video, but when he turns the tables he gives out better than he took. Poor Villy and Dominic suffer in a variety of holds, and take some merciless six pack punishment. This video was originally released in May 2014, and is 50 minutes long.
    UBV078 Come On! - Download £18
  • UBV131 Time to Shine. NEW RELEASE. Jack has arranged to wrestle Jason and Spencer but Jason is late. Spencer gets owned by Jack, but when Jason arrives Jack gets double teamed. When Jack manages to incapacitate Spencer, it's time for Jason to learn what Jack is about. This video is 50 minutes long.
    UBV131 Time to Shine - Download £18
  • V180 This All You Got? NEW RELEASE. JB wants to join the Untamed team, but he has to wrestle JC first. At first it looks like JB is going to take a thrashing, but JC can't match his stamina. This video is 28 minutes long.
    V180 This All You Got? - Download £12
  • UBV089 Squashed! Re-released. Muscle Punk Adam had only recently joined the team, and as soon as Corey saw him, he wanted to wrestle him. Adam thought he'd make quick work of his lighter opponent, but it didn't turn out that way. Corey is at his arrogant best as he puts Adam in one submission hold after another, mercilessly squashing the poor guy. Originally released in September 2014, this top selling video is 46 minutes long.
    UBV089 Squashed! - Download £18
  • V034 I Always Win! Originally released in November 2011, this video shows our favourite heel Jacques at his best. Donovan wants to wrestle but Jacques isn't interested. When Donovan starts getting physical, Jacques responds with another awesome squash. Another top seller, this video is 40 minutes long.
    V034 I Always Win! - Download £14
  • V031 Louis vs Jacques. Re-release. This video was Louis' first for us and was originally released in October 2011. Louis was already a very experienced wrestler, but Jacques used his weight advantage and some dirty tactics to completely control the action in this awesome squash. One of our top sellers, this video is 44 minutes long.
    V031 Louis vs Jacques - Download £18
  • UBV130 Get Corey! NEW RELEASE starring Corey, Jack and Harry. Corey has been winning too many of his matches recently so the other guys team up to get some payback. This is a short video, just 16 minutes long, and we've given it a super low price.
    UBV130 Get Corey! - Download £5.99
  • UBV129 Introducing Spencer. NEW RELEASE. Jason brings new guy Spencer along to this session. Spencer has a great physique, but Jason is a more experienced wrestler, and he puts Spencer through is paces. This video is 30 minutes long.
    UBV129 Introducing Spencer - Download £12
  • V175 Who's The Champion? Re-release. Conley is boasting to Ferdi that there is nobody at Untamed who can beat him since he started his new workout routine. Ferdi asks him to flex for him and, when Conley is showing off his back muscles, Ferdi launches his onslaught. Ferdi doesn't stop until poor Conley admits he's a loser. If you like to see Ferdi dishing it out and Conley playing the hapless jobber getting squashed, this is for you! This video is 52 minutes long.
    V175 Who's The Champion? - Download £18
  • UBV128 It's Not a Game! Re-release starring Jason and Toby. Two of your favourite wrestlers in a high energy session with flying fists and dragons. Jason demonstrates some awesome high kicks. The guys wear jeans throughout this Untamed Creations video, which is 22 minutes long.
    UBV128 It's Not a Game! - Download £9.99
  • V179 I Can't Take Anymore! NEW RELEASE. Jessie has been winning all his matches recently, and Leroy wants to teach him a lesson. Jessie has better things to do, but he takes some time out to squash Leroy in this high energy session. This video is 53 minutes long.
    V179 I Can't Take Anymore! - Download £18
  • V178 SBP Special. NEW RELEASE starring Zandré and Dirk. The guys wrestle for pins in this pinning special, with both guys taking it in turns to apply a pin or escape from a pin. This video is 27 minutes long.
    V178 SBP Special - Download £12
  • V149 King Pin, starring Louis and Brandon. Louis was keen to wrestle Brandon. Knowing of Louis’ reputation as an awesome wrestler, Brandon asked us to handicap him. Louis demonstrates his amazing pinning moves, while Brandon gets his points with submissions. This video is 49 minutes long.
    V149 King Pin - Download £18
  • V173 Fair and Square. Now Ettienne is a little bigger than Louis, he wants an opportunity to show off his wrestling skills. This video is 48 minutes long.
    V173 Fair and Square - Download £18