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  • UBV273 Low Blow 3, starring Jack and Toby. NEW. Jack and Toby just love working together! After a brief tussle, they get down and dirty in a ballbusting match. Jack does well at the start, but Toby manages a brave recovery. This Untamed Creations video is 33 minutes long.
    UBV273 Low Blow 3 - Download £19.99
  • VJ098 Tag Team Tussle! Starring Rocco, Jessie, Sean and newbie Harley. NEW. Sean and his new team mate Harley have a big job on their hands going up against bad guys Rocco and Jessie. They do a pretty good job under the circumstances, but when Rocco and Jessie sense defeat they default to dirty tactics. Fast paced action. This Untamed Creations video is 31 minutes long.
    VJ098 Tag Team Tussle! - Download £19.99
  • VJ097 Peter Takes a Chance, starring Peter and newbie Chance. NEW. Peter was quite surprised when we paired him with Chance for his first session. Chance is tiny compared to our biggest guy. But when the match started, Peter found out that Chance knows his stuff! This Untamed Creations video is 31 minutes long.
    VJ097 Peter Takes a Chance - Download £19.99
  • UBV272 Handgag 15, starring Jason and Oliver. NEW. These guys love working together, and Oliver likes to win! Oliver goes after Jason big time, applying handgag after handgag until Jason passes out and goes down. This Untamed Creations video is 31 minutes long.
    UBV272 Handgag 15 - Download £19.99
  • VJ096 Just Getting Started! Starring Rocco and Felix. NEW. Felix launches a surprise attack on Rocco as he works out. Felix enjoys himself at his smaller opponent’s expense, but Rocco has a habit of turning the tables, and Felix finds himself at Rocco’s mercy pretty quickly. This Untamed Creations video is 30 minutes long.
    VJ096 Just Getting Started - Download £19.99
  • VJ095 Say That Again! Starring Owen, Henry and Jessie. NEW. When Henry makes fun of Owen for losing in his match with Cody, Owen is not amused. Henry has no chance against Owen, so Jessie offers to help him in a 2 on 1 tag match. When Owen proves unbeatable, Jessie and Henry decide to double team him. This Untamed Creations video is 30 minutes long.
    VJ095 Say That Again! - Download £19.99
  • V309 Demolition 10, starring Jay and newbie Donny. NEW. Jay loves breaking in the rookies! Donny tells us he’s here to take over, but his intro session allows Jay to show off his superior skill. Jay has a fantastic time with the newbie! This Untamed Creations video is 29 minutes long.
    V309 Demolition 10 - Download £19.99
  • VJ094 The Noise Before Defeat, starring Cody, Sean and Peter. NEW. Sean and Peter have both suffered defeat at Cody’s hands. They team up to take on Cody and Cody, as you might expect, doesn’t back down! At the end of this fast-paced session there’s only one man standing. Who do you think it is? This Untamed Creations video is 31 minutes long.
    VJ094 The Noise Before Defeat - Download £19.99
  • VJ093 Time To Learn!, starring Marcus and newbie Simon. NEW. Marcus begged us to let him take newbie Simon through his paces. At first it looked like Simon was going to receive the beating of his life, but once he warmed up Marcus found himself on the receiving end! These guys had a great time working together, and it shows in the fast-paced action. We hope we’ll be seeing a lot more of Simon. This video is 32 minutes long.
    VJ093 Time To Learn! - Download £19.99
  • UBV271 Gutbash 25, starring Mark and Toby. NEW. Mark is definitely Toby’s favourite plaything! It’s all one way in this video, with Mark taking all the punishment toby just loves dishing out! Mark gets abused, tied up, and abused some more. This Untamed Creations video is 29 minutes long.
    UBV271 Gutbash 25 - Download £19.99
  • VJ092 KO5 starring Felix and Jett. NEW. Fiendish Felix is on the prowl for a plaything. He wants to try out some knockout techniques! Jett is innocently working out when Felix finds him. Poor Jett doesn’t have a hope of escaping as Felix uses every method he can think of to knock Jett out. This Untamed Creations video is 34 minutes long.
    VJ092 KO5 - Download £19.99
  • V308 I'm Done! starring Conley and Leroy. NEW. Leroy doesn't like it when Conley criticises his workout routine. At first it looks like this is going to be another one of Conley's fails, but after a while he manages to take control and give Leroy a good workout! This video is 45 minutes long.
    V308 I'm Done! - Download £19.99
  • VJ091 Just You and Me! starring Sean and Logan. NEW. A few weeks ago Sean got the better of Logan and Marcus. Now Logan wants payback. He launches a surprise attack on Sean and ties his hands behind his back. Logan wants an apology! Even when the ropes are untied, Sean fails to get any shots in against bullyboy Logan. This Untamed Creations video is 34 minutes long.
    VJ091 Just You and Me! - Download £19.99
  • UBV270 Ripped! starring Corey and Jason. NEW. Both guys are in peak condition for this awesome session. Jason has been working hard on his combat skills and wants to teach arrogant Corey a lesson. It starts out well for Jason, but Corey is very competitive, and he doesn't like to lose to prettyboys like Jason! Will Jason get one of his rare wins? This Untamed Creations video is 32 minutes long.
    UBV270 Ripped! - Download £19.99
  • VJ090 Lights Out! starring Cody and Henry. NEW. Henry knows that the only way he can beat Cody is to play Cody at his own game! Is there room for another bad boy on the team? Cody doesn't think so. After a good bit of Cody abuse, Henry makes the mistake of untying the rope, and Cody takes over! This Untamed Creations video is 32 minutes long.
    VJ090 Lights Out! - Download £19.99
  • VJ089 Handgag 14, starring Tim and Jessie. NEW. A little while ago, in Outclassed, Jessie and Tim tried to teach Cody a lesson. They came off worse, and Jessie blames Tim. Now it's time for Tim to learn a lesson, but that's not quite how it works out! This Untamed Creations video is 33 minutes long.
    VJ089 Handgag 14 - Download £19.99
  • VJ088 Demolition 9, starring Rocco and Sean. NEW. Oh dear, Sean has not had time to finish Rocco's college project. It's due in soon and Rocco has come to get it! It's a lose lose situation, and Sean is about to find out how angry Rocco is. This video is 31 minutes long.
    VJ088 Demolition 9 - Download £19.99
  • VJ087 Outclassed! Starring Cody, Tim and Jessie. NEW. Tim and Jessie have both lost matches against Cody recently, and, while out jogging together, they hatch a plan to get some revenge against their arrogant tormentor. This is fast paced, high energy and great fun! Will Tim and Jessie succeed in their plan? This Untamed Creations video is 33 minutes long.
    VJ087 Outclassed! - Download £19.99
  • UBV269 Bad Idea! Starring Jack and Oliver. NEW. Jack has never come off well in his sessions with Oliver, but maybe he can get some payback with a surprise attack. At first it looks like he might be right, but Oliver soon takes charge, and Jack suffers at his hands once more! This Untamed Creations video is 32 minutes long.
    UBV269 Bad Idea! - Download £19.99
  • VJ086 Tutti Frutti, starring Sean, Marcus and Logan. NEW. Marcus and Logan are looking for an easy victim to push around, and Sean is in the wrong place at the wrong time. After some mean punishment, Sean gets lucky with a well placed low blow which takes Marcus out. Sean then goes to work on Logan before forcing him to assist him in double teaming Marcus. Nice one Sean! This video is 33 minutes long.
    VJ086 Tutti Frutti - Download £19.99
  • VJ085 Submission 11, starring Cody and Tim. NEW. Cody and Tim have a big beef following their last match. Tim gets physical and Jessie has to force them apart. Then Jessie persuades them to wrestle in a fair match which he will referee. Both guys seem confident, but Tim just can’t find a chink in Cody’s armour. Fast paced and high energy! This Untamed Creations video is 34 minutes long.
    VJ085 Submission 11 - Download £19.99
  • VJ084 Demolition 8, starring Felix and Wyatt. NEW. Jessie has to go meet a friend so can’t referee the match. He tells Felix and Wyatt to keep it fair and square. Felix has other ideas, and takes advantage of Jessie’s absence by tearing into Wyatt without mercy. This video is 32 minutes long.
    VJ084 Demolition 8 - Download £19.99
  • UBV268 Gutbash 24, starring Toby and Mark. NEW. Mark is ready for action and Toby can’t wait to get started. Mark seems to be enjoying the treatment he receives, laughing when Toby’s efforts fall short. Laughing at Toby is not a good idea! This video is 32 minutes long.
    UBV268 Gutbash 24 - Download £19.99
  • VJ083 Stop Bitching! Starring Owen and Max. NEW. Owen borrowed some computer stuff from Max, and Max wants it back. Tomorrow won’t do, so Owen tries to make an escape. Max takes the initiative, but Owen gets back on top. Max is a little guy, but he’s determined to get his way! This video is 32 minutes long.
    VJ083 Stop Bitching! - Download £19.99
  • VJ082 Handgag 13, starring Peter and Tim. NEW. Tim and Peter are training, but Tim makes a mistake and receives a powerful kick to the ribs. Peter thinks this is really funny, and Tim goes for him, applying a series of punishing handgags. Peter comes back with some nice moves of his own. This Untamed Creations video is 31 minutes long and will appeal to all fans of handgags.
    VJ082 Handgag 13 - Download £19.99
  • V307 Looking After Lil Bro, starring Evan and Conley. NEW. Conley has been bullying Evan’s brother, and Evan wants to warn him off. Conley is typically unimpressed by little Evan’s protestations, and his taunts urge Evan on to action. He drags Conley to the garage and teaches him some manners. This video is 58 minutes long.
    V307 Standing Up For Lil Bro - Download £24.99
  • VJ081 Demolition 7, starring Cody and Marcus. NEW. These two first worked together in Marcus’ intro session. Cody squashed him. Marcus has a few sessions under his belt now and feels he is experienced enough to have another shot. He has a brief moment of top time, but that’s all! This Untamed Creations video is 31 minutes long.
    VJ081 Demolition 7 - Download £19.99
  • VJ080 KO4, starring Jett and Felix. NEW. Another treat for KO fans. Felix is looking for some action, but at first it looks like he has picked on the wrong guy. When Felix manages to turn the tables, he delights in trying out his KO techniques on Jett. Jett gets some holds of his own on, and in the end it’s Felix who gets hogtied. This video is 35 minutes long.
    VJ080 KO4 - Download £19.99
  • VJ079 Submission 10, starring Cody and Jessie. NEW. Jessie and Cody have unfinished business, and a submission match is a good way to sort it out. Felix offers to referee and the action starts. These two are well matched, and the battle is fast paced with both getting some great holds on. Will Cody use his dirty tricks, or will Felix keep him in check? This Untamed Creations video is 33 minutes long.
    VJ079 Submission 10 - Download £19.99
  • VJ078 Who's The Loser? starring Cody and Rocco. NEW. Rocco begged us to let him have another go at Cody, and Cody told him to bring it! Rocco does his best, and manages to get Cody in some good holds, but in the end Cody does his thing, and Rocco bites the dust. This Untamed Creations video is 33 minutes long.
    VJ078 Who's The Loser? - Download £19.99
  • UBV267 Harry's Vlog, starring Harry and Corey. NEW. Harry is very excited. He's making a vlog around his personal training activities, and Corey is his first customer. Corey wants advice on fitness training and posing. All goes well until Harry points out that Corey has a little excess fat. Bad move! Harry is in terrific shape, but Corey has the moves and the drive to win. This Untamed Creations video is 50 minutes long.
    UBV267 Harry's Vlog - Download £24.99
  • VJ077 You Again?! starring Tim and Logan. NEW. Last time these guys got together for a match Logan triumphed. At first it looks like Tim is going to taste defeat again, but Logan finds out that Tim is tougher than he looks. This Untamed Creations video is 32 minutes long.
    VJ077 You Again?! - Download £19.99
  • VJ076 Battle of the Giants, starring Peter and Earl. NEW. Peter wants to join the team, and he decides to go up against the only guy who is bigger than him, Earl. Earl is confident he can teach the newbie a lesson, but Peter turns out to be a star. This Untamed Creations video is 32 minutes long.
    VJ076 Battle of the Giants - Download £19.99
  • V306 Jay’s First Match, starring Jay and Zandré. NEW. From the Lost Video Archive recently recovered from an old hard drive. This was Jay’s introduction to Untamed – a tough match with bullyboy Zandré. In the first half the guys wrestle in jeans. For the second half they strip down to trunks. Jay does pretty well considering his lack of experience, but the outcome was predictable. This Untamed Creations video is 30 minutes long.
    V306 Jay's First Match - Download £19.99
  • VJ075 Demolition 6 starring Sean and Felix. NEW. Felix is having a workout when Sean drops in looking for some combat training. Felix loves showing the other guys what he can do, and Sean soon regrets his decision to seek coaching from Felix! This Untamed Creations video is 31 minutes long.
    VJ075 Demolition 6 - Download £19.99
  • UBV266 Gutbash 23, starring Jason and Toby. NEW. Toby is looking for a little fun, and Jason wanders into his lair. Toby takes Jason down, strips him down to his speedos, and ties him to the wall. Toby has a great time at Jason’s expense. This Untamed Creations video is 31 minutes long.
    UBV266 Gutbash 23 - Download £19.99
  • UBV265 Slow Fade, starring Ricky and David. NEW. This is definitely one for Ricky's fans, of whom there are many! Poor David gets owned from start to finish, suffering in the chair and on the floor. Ricky has a great time at the expense of a regular heel. Well done Ricky! This video is 36 minutes long.
    UBV265 Slow Fade - Download £19.99
  • VJ074 Handgag 12, starring Jett and Earl. NEW. It would appear that Jett has a problem with Earl dating his sister. Big Earl finds it amusing that Jett wants to make something of it, and he accepts Jett’s challenge. A terrific handgag video with lots of holds. Will Big Earl still be dating Jett’s sister? This video is 34 minutes long.
    VJ074 Handgag 12 - Download £19.99
  • UBV044 Showdown, starring Jack and David. David has been begging us to let him wrestle newbie Jack, but he soon learns that Jack is no pushover. This popular video, first released in 2013, is 50 minutes Long.
    UBV044 Showdown - Download £19.99
  • VJ073 Submission 9, starring Owen and Cody. NEW. Cody has been badmouthing Owen, even though Owen beat him last time they met up for a submission match. Now Owen, highly competitive, wants to sort it out on the mat! Cody is as arrogant as ever, determined to show Owen he’s got to be happy with second best. Owen gets the first pin, but Jessie proves to be a little partisan. Can Owen keep on top? This video is 32 minutes long.
    VJ073 Submission 9 - Download £19.99
  • VJ072 Collarless 6, starring Jessie, Tim and Felix. NEW. Jessie wants to join the cool club that Tim and Felix belong to. The problem is, he is wearing the wrong shirt. At first Jessie gets owned by the cool kids, but when Tim has to go pee, Jessie persuades Felix to help him out. Tim gets pummelled, then Jessie turns on Felix. This video is 32 minutes long.
    VJ072 Collarless 6 - Download £19.99
  • VJ071 Go Easy! Starring Cody and Caspar. NEW. Jessie is concerned that Cody is going to destroy newbie Caspar, and he warns him to go easy on him. Jessie has to go on a date, so Cody asks Caspar if he wants him to be gentle with him. Caspar makes the mistake of telling Cody to do it for real! This video is 32 minutes long.
    VJ071 Go Easy! - Download £19.99
  • VJ070 Demolition 5, starring Jessie and Marcus. NEW. Marcus is a very tough guy, but he is making a mistake when he taunts jessie about losing to Cody. The price Marcus pays is to be the subject of one of Jessie’s sweaty squash jobs. Marcus is strong, but he lacks Jessie’s skill, and he goes down hard! This video is 32 minutes long.
    VJ070 Demolition 5 - Download £19.99
  • VJ069 Ab Attack 19, starring Tim and Sean. NEW. It all starts out friendly enough, with an ab strength challenge. Sean offers Tim the first strike, but when it starts looking bad for Sean, the action steps up a couple of levels. Tim is ripped, with a great six pack, but Sean can take a lot of punishment. Who will win this contest? This video is 32 minutes long.
    VJ069 Ab Attack 19 - Download £19.99
  • VJ068 Submission 8, starring Cody and Rocco. NEW. Another chance to see Cody at his arrogant champ best against Rocco with Jessie refereeing. Rocco is energetic and enthusiastic, but he has a really hard time trying to keep up with Cody. Having taken a good squashing, Rocco ends up getting a stomp in the balls at the end. This video is 32 minutes long.
    VJ068 Submission 8 - Download £19.99
  • V305 Blond on Blond, starring Jay and newbie Jim. NEW. Newbie Jim is ripped and looks like he can handle himself, but that doesn't put off cocky Jay! It takes Jim a while to recover from Jay's onslaught, but when he does, it looks like he might be able to take control. Has Jay found a serious challenge in this newbie? This video is 30 minutes long.
    V305 Blond on Blond - Download £19.99
  • VJ067 Does it Hurt? starring Henry and Earl. NEW. Henry has heard that Big Earl is a pushover. He's looking for some action and Big Earl is warmed up and ready to go. It looks like Henry is going to have some real fun, but he still ties Earl up to stop him getting back. When Earl breaks free, Henry finds out what Earl is made of. This video is 32 minutes long.
    VJ067 Does it Hurt? - Download £19.99
  • VJ066 Submission 7, starring Cody and Sean. NEW. Another video for lovers of submission wrestling, especially those who love to see Cody demolishing his opponents. Sean does his best, and manages to get a pin and a submission at Cody's expense, but at the end of the day Cody has his way. This video is 31 minutes long.
    VJ066 Submission 7 - Download £19.99
  • UBV264 Low Blow 2 starring Jason and Toby. NEW. Jason and Toby just love working together and playing to the camera. After a brief tussle, Jason challenges Toby to a ballbusting match. The first to get 3 submissions will win, and submissions have to be achieved using low blows. Jason does well to start, but Toby manages a brave recovery. This video is 50 minutes long.
    UBV264 Low Blow 2 - Download £24.99
  • VJ065 Over The Wall, starring Wyatt and Jett. NEW. Jett is used to losing, but he thinks he’s in with a chance against Wyatt. He certainly has a height and weight advantage. However, Wyatt is as quick as a bunny, and as cunning as a fox. Jett gets a little top time, but mostly Wyatt runs rings around him. This video is 33 minutes long.
    VJ065 Over The Wall - Download £19.99
  • VJ064 Respect! starring Owen and Tyrone. NEW. When Tyrone accidentally crashes into Owen, Owen decides to teach him some respect. It doesn't take much to give Owen reason to issue a challenge. At first it looks like this is going to be one of Owen's squash jobs, but Tyrone isn't so easy to put down, and Owen finds himself on the receiving end. This video is 31 minutes long.
    VJ064 Respect! - Download £19.99