VJ278 Collarless 9 starring Gram, Ben and Troy. NEW. Gram is getting ready for a party, but Ben and Troy don’t want him to go. The less competition for girls, the better. Gram defends himself well, but in the end he can’t compete against two. Ben then double crosses his friend, Troy, ensuring that he will be the only player at the party! This Untamed Creations video is 33 minutes long.


V196 Collarless 2 - NEW RELEASE - Jessie makes fun of Armand's new shirt and Armand leaps into action. Armand isn't afraid to tackle our most fearsome contender! The guys fight energetically, trying to destroy each others shirts in the process. Lovers of rip and strip will enjoy this video. Jessie J and Armand clearly have a great time! This video is 56 minutes long.