UBV071 Gutbash 8 - Basement Bash, starring Damien, Corey and Christian. Damien wants his loan repaid but Christian has no money. Corey and Damien kidnap Christian. They take him to a basement, tie him up and go to work on his abs with considerable enthusiasm! A must for all GP fans. This Untamed Creations video, first released in 2014, has been re-mastered and is 45 minutes long.


UBV076 Gutbash 9 - Pole Fighters - Mark and Damien are working in a new pole dancing club, but Mark doesn't think Damien is pulling his weight. The video starts with both guys in their street clothes, but they get down to combat shorts as they move around the empty club. They end up on centre stage! This popular video was first released in 2014, and is 52 minutes long.