V233 Champ or Chump? starring Louis and Conley. The action moves back and forth as Louis and Conley find ever more creative ways to dish out the ab attacks and handgags, combined with some great dragons and low blows. This Untamed Creations video, first released in 2016, has been re-mastered. It is 52 minutes long.


VB056 Good Enough, starring James and Nick. NEW. James finds Nick working out and wants to take him down. It’s something about his face! At first Nick takes a furious beating, but he manages to get some top time before James finishes him off. This Untamed Creations video is 32 minutes long.


VJ300 Equitable starring Keanu, Ashton and Gram. NEW. Ashton recruits Gram to give Keanu some much needed punishment. They ambush Keanu and go to town on him. When Keanu is exhausted he challenges them to one on one matches and they accept. This Untamed Creations video is 34 minutes long.


UBV226 Dragon Days, starring Mark and Adam. NEW. GP, dragons and more. At first the action is fairly equal, but Adam takes over after 10 minutes, first tying Marks hands behind his back, then fixing him to the wall for some terrific six pack servicing. In this video, the footballer gets owned by the musclepunk! This video is 32 minutes long.