VJ272 Demolition 41 starring Duke and Grant. NEW. Duke fancies himself as a bit of a boxer. After a little sparring with the camera Grant wanders in a shows him he is not that big a deal! Poor Duke suffers beautifully while Grant has the time of his life! This Untamed Creations video is 31 minutes long.


UBV157 Jack's Wrath, starring Jack, Toby, and Jason. Jack is on the prowl, looking for another victim. He finds Toby playing with a cell phone. Toby just has time to send a request for help to Jason before Jack starts having fun. Jason arrives 15 minutes later, and he and Toby manage to overpower Jack. When Jack gets back in control, it's Jason's turn for some Jack action! This Untamed Creations video, first released in 2016, has been re-mastered. It is 46 minutes long.


VJ264 Ab Attack 32 – I’ve Got the Best Abs! starring Keanu, Ashton and Peter.  NEW.  Keanu is boasting about his superior physical attributes, so the three friends decide to have a contest. They take it in turns to work on each other’s six packs, but they cannot reach an amicable agreement! This Untamed Creations video is 33 minutes long.


V180 This All You Got? NEW RELEASE. JB wants to join the Untamed team, but he has to wrestle JC first. At first it looks like JB is going to take a thrashing, but JC can't match his stamina. This video is 28 minutes long.