V176 Jackass, starring Ryan and newcomer JP. Re-release. Little JP is all excited about joining Untamed, and he chooses to pick a fight with Ryan. At first Ryan doesn't want to go because he's hurt his arm, but JP insists. Jp starts out well, but he's a little guy, and his energy isn't enough to let him get the better of Ryan. Maybe next time.... This video is 27 minutes long.


V186 Fill the Tank! NEW RELEASE. Ryan borrowed JC's car to take his girlfriend on a date, but he didn't refill the tank. JC challenges Ryan to a submission wrestling match to see who is going to pay. JC gets to demonstrate some impressive wrestling skills and Ryan appears to accept the inevitable outcome of the match. This video is 48 minutes long.


V182 She's My Girl! NEW RELEASE. Ryan has his eye on the girl at the pizza place. It turns out Louis is planning to ask her out as well. Louis knows that Ryan is very popular with the ladies, so he decides they need to wrestle for the honor of asking the girl out. Ryan rather rashly accepts Louis' challenge, and Louis goes into squash mode. This video is 28 minutes long.