UBV071 Gutbash 8 - Basement Bash, starring Damien, Corey and Christian. Damien wants his loan repaid but Christian has no money. Corey and Damien kidnap Christian. They take him to a basement, tie him up and go to work on his abs with considerable enthusiasm! A must for all GP fans. This Untamed Creations video, first released in 2014, has been re-mastered and is 45 minutes long.


UBV074 Clean Sweep! Mark is cleaning his apartment when Bobby and Christian break in. For the first half of the video, Mark gets mercilessly pummelled by the two muscleboys, but he finally gets the chance to turn the tables, and he ties bobby up so he can give Christian a little payback. Then it's Bobby's turn! Christian escapes and comes to Bobby's rescue, but it doesn't take long for Mark to get back in control. This Untamed Creations video, first released in 2014 has been re-mastered and is 50 minutes long.


UBV067 It's a Deal! - When Mark's deal with Christian goes wrong, they need to sort it out in the manly way! This is a really fast paced session with the lads shirtless in jeans for the first half, and wearing combat shorts for the second half. Originally released in 2014, this popular video is 52 minutes long.


UBV152 Dirty Harry. NEW RELEASE. Harry quickly discovers that Christian is too good a wrestler for him to win, so he resorts to dirty tactics. First he ties Christian's hands behind his back, then he ties him to a bed frame, and finally poor Christian gets tied to a table while Harry enjoys dishing out some abuse. This video is 46 minutes long.